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 KDP and PUK leaders are choosing to ignore reality

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KDP and PUK leaders are choosing to ignore reality ‎ 21.4.2011 
By Mufid Abdulla -

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April 21, 2011

To the two leaders of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan PUK and Kurdistan Democratic Party KDP; now is the time to answer the demands of the people. The actions of these two leaders so far have shown them as unused to the anger of crowds; with their unintended consequences and accidental victims. Our leaders are used to agreement and pacts between political parties rather than getting in touch with the uprisings we have now in Sulaimaniyah [Iraqi Kurdistan] and the surrounding areas. Kurdistan dispenses for another year of ferocious bloodshed in the warm spring sunshine and the scenery coloured with daffodils.

The anti-government demonstrations will be remembered as famous days in our Kurdish calendar. Talabani and Barzani are two wicked leaders who are uniquely unqualified to unite our people because of their connections with electoral fraud, corruption, cronyism and caprice; all of which are sapping the strength of the KRG. They have proved to the whole nation their limitations to influence the current situation and their political stance to deadlines. Nor is there a unified view in Kurdistan amongst the two leaders about how to achieve the reforms towards the current situation. With the Gorran Party pushed as a major presence in the Sulaimaniyah area,
www.ekurd.neteveryone is bracing the changes. The two leaders should abandon the idea of staying in their parties and political posts. They are not genuinely capable of rescuing this nation from the brink of civil war, particularly if President Talabani wants to continue occupying his top job in Baghdad which is equal to the destruction of Kurdish reality and the fact that his idea of a political realm means the PUK.

Talabani and Barzani will not listen to anybody. They have ruled our people with an iron fist, and just bulldozed their way through. They have proven themselves to be dictators and despots because they have shed the blood of young people as well as torturing and killing others who have spoken out in the demonstrations. My own views and analyses of the two leaders and their disappearance from Kurdish politics are that this will put an end to Kurdistan’s stagnation. The aged leaders are on the verge of imploding. The consequences of this have been most evident in Sulaimaniyah. Nor is it difficult to see why confidence is shattered amongst the people.

The current political crisis in Kurdistan is by no means inevitable; there is no question that Barzani and Talabani and their current and future history have been compromised. The political powers that lead do not reflect the balance of power in policy either, where the opposition have had almost 40 seats in the Kurdistan Parliament. At present, we have two leaders dictating terms to their followers. We should not allow ourselves to be aged by the rule of these two leaders. Otherwise we will become a victim of their corrupted rule. They have had the time and their plans have not worked. Almost everybody in politics thinks privately that these two leaders are ignorant and are not acting as a father of this nation. They have shown little interest in the last month when the opposition parties have printed a project on reform and changes in the Kurdistan Regional Government KRG. In terms of the response of the two leaders saying that they are not bowing to pressure … they must therefore go and go now before dragging this nation into a civil war. Kurdistan has become a disaster because of them

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  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


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