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 An independent Kurdish state by 2015  

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  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


An independent Kurdish state by 2015 ‎ 9.5.2011 
By Baqi Barzani -

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May 9, 2011

Whilst most worlds’ governments have come to acknowledge the credibility and legitimacy of an already existing de facto Kurdish state, a Kurdish President cheerfully and willfully helps further the noble cause of his own people by acting quite in reverse.

Disavowal of Kurdish nation’s existential rights might in the interim placate some bogus Arab, Turkish and Iranian cronies, but incontestably, it can not be a vouch for continuation of any president’s tenure, nor will it help boost approval rate as some presidents might assume, especially among the increasingly growing younger and more patriotic Kurdish generation.

Every now and then, our president pops up for an interview in foreign press and couches some aimless views which do not mirror even those of his own advocates. Leave alone the overwhelming majority of Kurdish populace. In a military tribunal,
www.ekurd.neta president or alike statespersons could face life imprisonment sentences for treason and denial of people’s statehood rights.

One of the vows in every presidential oat-taking is committing to defending the homeland, serving people genuinely and abiding by the constitution, all of which have been breeched so far by President Talabani. Kurdish right to freedom and independence is not contingent on the approval of any state or president.

Through institution and state building efforts through out the history of unfounded Iraq, the Kurds have proven to all the skeptics that they deserve to attain their decades-long target of internationally recognized statehood. They have run their own as well as those of Iraqi governments affairs. With the demise of most dictator rulers and end of dictatorship era, there has been even more empathy among supportive western nations towards oppressed peoples.

It is not far to predict that in a very near forthcoming , the UN security council will allocate a special session to particularly discuss Kurdish statehood topic in its annual meeting.

Peshmarga forces are authorized to threaten unilateral actions or mandatory resignation of any Kurdish or Arab president that does not recognize Kurdish nation’s statehood rights. Interestingly, Saddam Hussein of Iraq had not negated Kurdish independence rights as many times as has our Kurdish president cited.

A Kurdish independent state will come into existence by 2015, and Talabanis pointless assertions are not buyable any more, nor can they deter or hamper the crystallization of an independent Kurdistan.

Baqi Barzani is a Kurdish citizen of Sought Kurdistan [Iraq]. He advocates the notion of " establishing an independent Kurdish state". He contributes to various Kurdish media outlets, especially You may reach the author via email at: [email protected]

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  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


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