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 Israel: Chvi Barzani says I am proud to be Kurd and am in honor to be related with Kurdish affairs 

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Israel: Chvi Barzani says I am proud to be Kurd and am in honor to be related with Kurdish affairs  16.6.2011 

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June 16, 2011

RAMAT GAN, Israel,
Recent years, Kurd-Jews participated in Israel institutions and had been succeeded. They are in high positions and active, most of them support and vote Kadima party. Chvi Bar, who is Chvi Barzani, is the municipality head of Ramat Gan for 21 years. During an interview with Israel-Kurd magazine, he mentioned his early life and returning to Israel from Kurdistan in 1880s.

Also he believed that Kurd and Jews have historical relation and most of the Kurds like Israel. He desires to return Kurdistan and feels that Kurdistan is near to be independent.

Q: Let to know about Chvi Bar?

Chvi Barzani: I am Chvi Barzani, my father's name Jacob the son of Youda Barzani. My grandfather Youda came to Israel/Tabariea in 1880s. He tried to revenge some one who kidnapped one of his family's daughters, after that immigrate to Israel which was occupied by Osmani Turks.      

Chvi Barzani, is the municipality head of Ramat Gan for 21 years. Chvi Barzani says Kurds leader had strong and historical friendship with Jews.

Later, my parents born and married here, I was born in 1935 in middle of Israel near Youna village nearby Jerusalem. Now I have three children, two sons and a girl. In 1954 attended military service in Parachute sector as an officer, I took the military positions well and get vice-general commander of Israeli army. Now, I am the municipality head of Ramatgan in Tel Aviv (from 1989). Graduated in political sciences (1975), studied in Paris high schools (1968) and took several military positions.

Q: What was your last military position in Israeli army?

Chvi Barzani: During 6 Days Battle, I was one of those parachutists who controlled Gaza, then was the director of army parachute school.
I Participated in Ramata Golan, Keepour (Harb-Ghafran) battles. Also I was a military academician; my studies belonged to Paris (1976). After that, acted in Israeli police and was border guard force (1977-1983).

Q: Why changed your name from Chvi Barzani to Chvi Bar?

Chvi Barzani: I was an army officer, some thing wrong happened in UN Security Commission between Soviet Union and U.S.A. Dived Gourion the Israel PM of that time called me and asked about may name, status was full of tension. He asked me about the meaning of Barzani, I told him my biography and origin life in Kurdistan and Barzan area, but he said "from now your name is Chvi Bar and make this ID change legal soon as is possible. I couldn't‌t refuse the speech of prime minister, so changed it to Bar. Now, my children will change their nickname from Bar to Barzani which is our origin nickname.

Q: Why you didn't‌t accompany the Israeli group which went to Kurdistan, instead of Sagi Chori?

Chvi Barzani: That time I was the manager of a military school and taught the soldiers to how can parachute. I was candidate to go Kurdistan which is my home land, I was desired to serve Kurdistan and my suffered nation, but I was busy with some other affairs and I was needed here. Aliaezar planned to send me to Kurdistan and introduced me as a Barzani to Mala Mustafa Barzani. It is my old wish to see my home land Kurdistan once again, "I am proud to be Kurd and am in honor to be related with Kurdish affairs, whole the nations of the area are independent except my nation, willing God will see it's independent soon".

Q: When the Israeli group were in Kurdistan, how you helped them from that a military school?

Chvi Barzani: then I receipted and helped them in the school, but Sagi Chori helped them as commander and I am proud to help them, this group of Peshmarga which were in Israel, were our guest for one month. The returned Kurdistan soon, because Peshmarga was in war against the enemy and they should come back to help their army. The learnt some military technique to fight against Iraqi army which was barbaric.

Q: The Kurdish people of those areas which were rich in petrol and other energy sources had been displaced and Shiite Arabs were settled there, what is your opinion about this phenomenon?

Chvi Barzani: I think Sunni Arabs aren't‌t just the enemy of Kurd, Persian and Turks; there were even the enemy of Shiites in Iraq which are same in base. Just the Sunnis were in power, they didn't‌t like to attack and kill Sunnis, so planned to kill Shiites first, then Kurds.

Q: What do you think about the future of Kurd position in Middle East at all?

Chvi Barzani: Firstly, Kurds try to create and makeup an independent country which be supported by UN, then can apply its role in the area. Now Kurdistan is rounded by its enemy, I mean Kurdistan of Iraq which has many rich natural sources and brave people.

Q: What's your opinion about Israel-Kurd relation; do you suggest direct relation between them?

Chvi Barzani: Yes, Kurd is a nation and has the same right as the other nations in the world. We have diplomatic relation with Egypt, Jordan and many other Arab countries, why should avoid from relation with Kurds. Those states which we are in relation cannot be useful for Israel, till now I had never seen a Kurd burned Israel flag, but the countries which mentioned before burned our flag for several times. Kurds leader had strong and historical friendship with Jews; we had been protected by Kurds leaders when were in Kurdistan and our life and security was guaranteed, in spite their religion which were Muslim, but generally we and Kurd had a good and nice relation.

Q: What is your opinion about Israel-Turkey diplomatic relation in the area?

Chvi Barzani: We had a good relation with Turkey, but after Erdogan and his party get the power in Turkey, it impacted our relations. Turkey was known as Strategic friend in the Middle East, but now Turkey is more interested by Iran. Turkey cannot do any thing without western countries. They threat us by their embassy. They should try to calm down and clarify the condition not make it more complex.

Q: You as the manager of an Israeli important city which had exchange stocks market, how you protect yourselves against the threats of Iranian government and its president Agmadi Jazghad against Israel?

Chvi Barzani: we can control our important city and exchange stocks; we had a good plan to protect ourselves against Iran. I think it is better that Ahmadi Nazhad think more intellectual, Israel isn't a simple and weak country, we can be in war with whole the world, but We are not such them, we need and like peace.

Q: What is your suggestion to solve the Israel-Palestine question?

Chvi Barzani: We are agreeing to create an independent Palestinian state which refers to Fatih organization. We should know the Palestinians sole their problems at first and avoid from terror and cut military relation with Iran and Syria and be against Qaeda Organization. Then international community accepts them, if Palestinian knows Jews and Israel as a reality we can do as they want.

Q: Before give your book as a gift, I like to know some details about the book?

Chvi Barzani: firstly, I mentioned my home land, Kurdistan and Kurdish Jews that how did live and return to Israel. Also wrote my military services and taking positions, family and as I told you before how we are proud to be Kurd with Barzani nickname.

Q: You just as a Kurd, what is your opinion about Israel-Kurd magazine by now and in future?

Chvi Barzani: I am happy as a Kurd who sees my citizen is the reporter of a magazine which attends the importance of Kurdistan-Israel relation. It was my wish, an am sorry that doesn't know Kurdish, but understand your aims from the English sector of the website. I would like to know each other and be closed friend with leaders,
www.ekurd.netbecause our leaders are the leader of whole Kurds. I as different in religion, but a member of my society and Kurdistan hold many different religious ideas which we are a part of them.

Q: What is your last speech to our magazine and interview?

Chvi Barzani: I thank whole the writer and magazine staff member, hope the best wishes for them and hope again to have a good future. I hope to see the shaking of Kurdistan flag on an independent Kurdistan as the other countries and states. I like to travel Kurdistan which is my early desire till now.

A short Biography:

- Chvi Barzani, known as Chvi Barkway Youd Barzani
- Born in Israel 1935
- The head of Ramatgan municipality in Tel Aviv
- The head of Education in Ramatgan
- The head of Galead department in Tala Shoumer hospital
- Honorary head of Barilan University commission which is the best university of Israel.
- High member of plan and engineering institution.
- Bachelor degree and graduated in Political Science about State.   

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