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 The International Children’s Day is Sad for Our Children

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The International Children’s Day is Sad for Our Children  2.6.2011   
By Commemorating Garmyian Group -

June 2, 2011

SULAIMANIYAH, Kurdistan region 'Iraq', — During the demonstrations in the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) territories in February 2011, many youths and children were killed and injured. Among them were: Garmiyan, only 11 years old; Rezhwan, 15 years old; and others. These kids were killed by live bullets and ammunitions. So far, no serious investigation has been conducted on the murders of those two children by any court in the Kurdistan Region. To commemorate the incidence of murdering these kids, the Civil Society Federation and a group of civil society activists, writers and artists conducted an event on June 1st, 2011 (the International Children’s Day) at Garmiyan’s grave.

During the event, the following speech was addressed to the attendants:

Previous commemorations of the International Children’s Day in Kurdistan region were ritualized bogus events, presented as favors done by the political parties and their shadow organizations.                     

11 year old Garmyian (L) and Rezhwan (R), 15 years old killed by Kurdish security forces during the demonstrations against Massoud Barzani and Kurdish Govt in the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) territories in February 2011.
This year, the International Children’s Day is further contrasted by the murder of (among others) two children during the demonstrations of February 2011. The murders of those youngsters spoke volumes about the futility of a day for children in this region. It is so mind-boggling to see people having no problem with the murderers of Rezhwan and Garmyian still free in our streets. Their conscience doesn’t even question their willingness and fervor to celebrate the day.

In the killings of Garmyian and Rezhwan, we perceive a disastrous humiliation of the law and its application in Kurdistan when we remember the two boys. This all is adding to our sadness and sorrow for their killings. At the same time, we clearly perceive the fact that if the rule of law had the slightest genuine meaning in the region, those fingers were not so eager to push the trigger and kill those angels.

For us, as a number of civil society activists, intellectuals and artists, the commemoration of the first of June is adding to our sorrow about this injurious moment in our history. It makes us closer to the pains and suffering of the family,www.ekurd.netparents and friends of Garmyian and Rezhwan. We hope our presence here would help them share the pain they suffer with us and ease the burden on them.

Lastly, we emphasize the fact that the suing of those who murdered Garmyian and Rezhwan would be the best commemoration for the Children’s Day. We demand on the authorities to regard the day Garmyian and Rezhwan were killed as a special occasion for respecting the life, dignity and childhood of all children in Kurdistan region, and an occasion to resist all kinds of violence against children in the region.

Commemorating Garmyian Group , June 01, 2011

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  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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