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 Call to demonstrate against Iranian war crimes in USA 

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Call to demonstrate against Iranian war crimes in USA ‎ 23.7.2011 
By Ako Ahmad -

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July 23, 2011

Irrespective of stern condemnations by international community, the defiant Islamic Republic of Iran continues to indiscriminately shell Kurdish villages positioned in Iraqi Kurdistan, shamelessly committing war crimes against unarmed civilians, reducing their dwellings to ashes and creating a human cataclysm with intent for political and military ends.

According to some political analysts, Tehran has lately intensified its destabilization efforts in Iraq in order to voice its strong antagonism to the official inauguration of recent US consulate in the Kurdish capital city of Hawler { Erbil},
www.ekurd.netKurdistan, being interpreted as elongated presence of the US clout in the region. Tehran strongly objects to any re-extension of elapsing SOFA agreement between Baghdad and Washington, and consider it an immense hurdle to widening its manipulation in the mainly Shiite populated Iraq.

Scores of Kurdish civil and human rights organizations in Hawler { Erbil} and London are holding protest rallies to denounce Iranian continuing aggressions in Iraqi Kurdistan, including Chatre Azadi ( Freedom Umbrella), a London-based Kurdish organization.

To condemn Iranian illegitimate meddling into Iraqi internal affairs, Kurdish organizations in abroad are encouraged to hold protest marches in front of the country’s embassies against such brutalities committed by the Islamic Republic, in particular in USA where most Kurdish academics and activists reside.

Iran must respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Ako Ahmad, a freelance writer from Iraqi Kurdistan.

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  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


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