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 Gorran must constantly change its strategies! 

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Gorran must constantly change its strategies! ‎ 15.9.2011 
By Baqi Barzani -

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September 15, 2011

Gorran, or the opposition " Movement for Change" in Iraqi Kurdistan, flourished to magnetize such a large number of supporters in such a concise span of time that astounded the influential Kurdish two-party ruling coalition ( PUK and KDP), despite unlimited resources at their disposal.

It was a great victory for the newly-founded party. Battling corruption topped the movement's priority list in last election campaigns. It was the right strategy and effective slogan because Kurdistan was was being severely paralyzed from corruption epidemic at that time. It definitely and drastically helped boost up party's popularity and influence among diverse Kurdish voters.

Experience suggests that the world-wide phenomenon of corruption can only be minimized, but it will continue to exist.        
An example is the unaccounted, understated missing 30 billion dollars allocated budget for the ongoing wars by the US government.

Acknowledging their shortcomings, both KDP and PUK put their joint efforts together to execute immediate reform packages in a bid to neutralize the powerful tactics applied by Gorran.

In the wake of last February's suppressed public unrest in Sulaimaniyah, support for Gorran seems to be gradually waning. The opponents have plagiarized Gorran's ideas, therefore, to prevail in next elections, Gorranists must deliver something that has never been achieved by any other Kurdish political party during our history of struggle,
www.ekurd.netand that is to sell the notion and truly work to establish an independent Kurdish state in North of Iraq. Independence is the only strongest motto that can rally Kurdish populace under Gorran's banner.

As a revolutionizing party holding firm belief in reforms, Gorran must be willing to change by constantly changing its own strategies and objectives, as well!

Baqi Barzani is a Kurdish citizen of Sought Kurdistan [Iraq]. He advocates the notion of " establishing an independent Kurdish state". He contributes to various Kurdish media outlets, especially

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  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


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