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 Could Banaz Jawad's fire turn the light of change in Iraqi Kurdistan region? 

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Could Banaz Jawad's fire turn the light of change in Iraqi Kurdistan region? ‎ 19.9.2011    

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September 19, 2011

ERBIL-Hewlęr, Kurdistan region 'Iraq', — Mystreious and might be agonizing, death has never been peculiar to me. When someone dies, I'm very much interested in telling his/her story, especially, when someone dies beautifully. I'm sure one day, I'll be blamed for 'death-loving' or something like that, but for me, death is part of life, and it should be dealt with as any other parts.

On September 11, 2011, Banaz Jawad, 22 years old, died, or to say, set herself on fire. What's her story? Well, rather different from other whom burn themselves for love or repression, etc. Banaz graduated from Administration department nearly 2 years ago. From this day on, she was waiting her employment. But alas, yesterday the list of employed people were published, and her name was missing again!

How hopeless she might be, when she turns her recorder on and leaves a voice message telling the reason of her death that she can't take it anymore! Leaving her recorder,
www.ekurd.netBanaz goes prepares to evacuate the soul, something many brave people can't do. But in a moment, she's gone, as a light, even faster. Who knows, clean souls might be the only thing in the universe which is faster than light when it goes to heavens.

An official says, according to her record, no one is responsible for her death! She did it herself! How surprising, or Jackpot! When no one is responsible for someone's death in the community, that may mean everyone is responsible.      

Banaz Jawad Photo

Banaz Jawad voice in Kurdish
Heaven is not our problem, rather than earth and what's going on here. Her voice is still with us, and should be a testimony against many people in the court. Why in the hell should someone sacrifices herself for a job after graduation while we have so many imaginary institutions and positions where one can't count?! 

Banaz's death reminded me of the Tunisian Muhammad Bouazizi, where he set himself on fire, and changed the whole region, could Banaz's fire turn the light of change in our region?! History should answer this question.

The event is so tragic that I can't revise what I've written, nor can I check to the beauty of writing, I just leave it like that, as Banaz left it.

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  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


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