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 Letter to US Ambassador Jeffery

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Letter to US Ambassador Jeffery ‎ 13.1.2012 
By Rizgar Khoshnaw, Washington DC - Exclusive for

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United States Ambassador to Iraq James Jeffrey
January 13, 2012

Dear Ambassador Jeffery,

On July 10,2011, you and Deputy Secretary of State Thomas Nides officially opened the U.S. Consulate General in Erbil, Kurdistan. In attendance at the ceremony were Mr. Massoud Barzani, Mrs. Hero Talabani, Barham Salih, Arshad Tawfik, Ismet Ageed, along with Ministers and Members of Parliament, civil society representatives, media and business leaders.

In remarks during the ceremony, You said,

“It is our fondest wish that a strong and vibrant Kurdistan Region within a democratic and federal Iraq arise from the tragic history of this region. Our goal is to build an Iraq for all its citizens... Arabs and Kurds, Sunni and Shia, Christian and Muslim, Yezidi and Shebak, one that respects all its citizens and one which is governed by the rule of law.”

Furthermore, you said:

Today’s event also marked a celebration of the 235th anniversary of U.S. independence. Noting the date, “I believe there is no better place to celebrate our Independence Day than here in a partner country fighting for its democracy” you said.

Reading your statements above, my questions are: Why did you not say anything when people, Kurdish citizens in Kurdistan, came out in protest of the KRG in Sulaimaniyah demanding their rights and to stop corruption? Why did your office kept quite when the Kurdish government openly assaulted, and killed, some demonstrators? Is that the democracy that you are talking about?

What worries me most about most American politicians and military individuals that are working, and have worked in the past, in Iraq, and especially in Kurdistan, that they tend to "resign" or "retire" once these people meet certain Kurdish politicians within the KRG!! This makes most Kurds in Kurdistan think that our American politicians do NOT really care about democracy or helping the Kurds but rather, these Americans are thinking about their best interest and what they will do after leaving their current posts with the US government!

Allow me to give you some names and examples of some Americans that "retired" or "resigned" their position with the US government and went to work, advice and assist the KRG directly and indirectly. Furthermore, some of those individuals work with some close "friends" of the KRG, Here are some names that the KRG has rewarded very handsomely:

1- Zalmay Khalilzad, former US ambassador to Iraq
2- Jay Garner, former director of office of reconstruction and humanitarian in Iraq in 2003
3- Colonel Richard Naab
4- Lt. General Ron Hite
5- Harry Schut. US Army veteran Also worked with the CPO in 2004
6- Peter Galbraith (according to what I read, he profited $95 Million by introducing DNO oil to KRG)
7- General John Abizaid (served in the US army for more than 37 years)

Having said that, I must admit and be fair, that the KRG does NOT always reward anyone and everyone with lucrative contracts and positions that has worked for them directly or indirectly. Take me, an American citizen, for example. I spent that last fourteen years helping Barzani and the KRG, directly and indirectly in many ways, and I got absolutely no where! So, it is not always the case for all Americans to benefit from knowing/helping the KRG.

There are many more such individuals, but no reason to mention any more. I think I made my point. I hope and pray that your office can take the time to look into helping the Kurdish citizens and just think of their personal future gains. I have lived in the US for the past 35 years and I know that the Americans are extremely fair and reasonable people and would like to see this reputation to continue and not be marred by a hand full of greedy/selfish Americans that are working in Iraq and Kurdistan.


Rizgar Khoshnaw
Washington ,DC

Rizgar Khoshnaw, Washington, DC, he has lived in the US for the past 35 years. He attended North Carolina State University for a period of six years and obtained the degrees in Economics, business management and two years of Pre-Medical. He began to travel to Kurdistan fourteen years ago after being absent from Kurdistan for more than 23 years. from the first visit in 1997 to 2001, He traveled to Kurdistan 25 times to investigate the oil-for-food program and wrote a book (and had over 50 articles published) about the dishonest program. In the past eight years, he has been representing an American based company trying to implement certain projects.

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  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


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