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 Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief

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Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief  16.11.2012  

November 16, 2012

Sulêmani (Sulaimaniyah), Erbil-Hewler, Duhok, Kirkuk, Kurdistan Region 'Iraq'

1 civilian killed, 9 wounded in Iraqi Army-Kurdish forces clashes

Salahaddin: Iraqi army and Kurdish forces clashed Friday when the Iraqi forces tried to arrest a Kurdish responsible accused of smuggling crude oil, security sources said Friday. The sources told Aswat al-Iraq that the clashes, in Touz area, resulted in killing a passing-by civilian, 4 soldiers and one cop, while 4 were hit from the Kurdish side. The clashes were stopped by the Kurdish responsible disappeared from the scene. No other information was given.

Clashes between / Peshmerga and Dijlah forces could erupt at any moment: Kurdish MP

Baghdad: Iraqi MP, Latif Mustafa for Kurdish Taghyiir/ change/ bloc ,expressed his fears of an armed clash that could break out at any moment between Kurdish Peshmerga forces and forces of Dijla Operations Command, noting that "the clash if erupt will be difficult to be under control. He said in a statement to nina : "The formation by Kurdistan province of any new armed force, alluding to the formation of Hamrin forces ,is a reaction to what the federal government did by forming Dijla operations forces for political purposes that goes in detriment of Kurds , he said. Mustafa pointed out that: "The federal government should speed up steps to implement Article 140 to solve the problem between the province and the federal government constitutionally and legally.

Kurdish lawmaker warns from exploding the situation in disputed areas because of Dijla Operations

Erbil: Member of Kurdistan Parliament's Security Committee, Karwan Saleh, said that security situation in the disputed areas are now under control, but they might explode any minute if Dijla Forces stay. In a statement to NINA on Friday, Nov. 16, Karwan Saleh said that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's insistence on keeping Dijla Operations Command in the disputed areas will lead to the situation to explode, and confrontations occur between the Peshmerga forces and Dijla forces. He added that "Security situation in disputed areas are now very tense, but still under control, they might explode any minute."

Commander for Peshmerga denies news about secret defense plan to confront Dijla forces

Erbil: Commander of the First Brigade of Kurdish Peshmerga forces operating in Kirkuk Brigadier Sherko Fatah denied rumors about setting by Peshmerga a secret plan to confront Dijla forces. He confirmed in a press statement: "The lack of authenticity of such news and reports that infiltrated by by some media outlets which alleged that the leadership of the Peshmerga forces set a secret defense plan to counter the incursion of Dijla forces in the disputed areas and considered such news of media fabrication".

Forming of Hamrin forces blow off the possibility of allocating a budget for the Peshmerga: MP ,for SL coalition

Baghdad: MP , Ammar al-Sibli for the State of Law coalition headed by PM, Nuri al-Maliki said : " The formation of Hamrin Operations Command, without the approval of the commander in chief of the armed forces blew off the possibility of allocating a share for Kurdish Peshmerga forces within the general federal budget. He described in a statement to NINA : "The formation of Hamrin Operations Command by the Kurdistan Regional Government, as a contrary procedure in comparison with the Kurdish allegations which say that Kurdish Peshmerga forces are a part of the federal security system. He described "the formation of these forces also as a provocation to the federal security forces, stressing that such a move is likely made by the leadership of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, headed by Barzani ,ruling out being of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan headed by Talabani , according to him."

Talabani discusses with Nechirvan Barzani, the overall situation in Iraq and Kurdistan province.

Baghdad: President Jalal Talabani discussed with the head of Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani, deputy head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party the overall situation in Iraq and Kurdistan region , specifically the ongoing problems between Baghdad and the region. The Web site, of Kurdistan Regional Government, "said Talabani, met Nechirvan on Friday in Sulaimaniyah (Sulêmani) noting that talks between the two men focused on the necessity of continuing dialogue and commitment to constructive and frank dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil to address problems and develop relations between the two sides. The two sides stressed during the meeting also the importance of developing coordination and cooperation between the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the all Kurdish parties , in order to maintain the reached achievements.

Talabani proposes solving Kurdish issue in Turkey

Baghdad: Iraqi President Jalal Talabani (an ethnic Kurd) stressed importance of opening dialogue between the Turkish government and PKK party to solve the Kurdish question and ending continued crises. He pointed out that PKK leader Abdulla Oclan is the only one who can open the dialogue with the Turkish government. Talabani suggested that Oclan should be moved under house arrest, proclamation of ceasefire, general amnesty and defining nationality in a new constitution. The anti-Turkish PKK party is waging a war since mid of 1980s to oblige the Turkish government recognize the Kurdish rights there. More than 40.000 casualties were reported during this period from both sides. Turkey does not recognize any other nationality but the Turks and denied study in the Kurdish language for decades.

Call to form North Military Command, MP

Baghdad: State of Law MP called for the formation of North Military Command to deter Turkish military violations against Iraqi territories. In a press statement, he added that Kurdistan is part of Iraq, so the central government should defend it against Turkish military violation, when the Kurdish forces cannot deter them. "The formation of this command is within Premier Nouri al-Maliki's jurisdictions." he added. Usually, the Kurdish authorities called the central government to deter Turkish violations. Earlier, Maliki formed Dijla Military Command which was entrusted with the security affairs of several provinces, including Salahal-Din, Kirkuk and Diala, which aroused the anger of the Kurdish authorities and rejected this formation as "illegal aiming to control the disputed areas.

Vast Exploration, Niko to exit Kurdistan block

Vast Exploration Inc said it will abandon the Qara Dagh block in the Kurdistan region in Iraq along with Niko Resources Ltd after drilling at one of the wells showed no commercial viability, sending Vast's shares down to a life low. Vast Exploration holds a 37 percent interest in the block, its only asset. Niko is the operator of the block. Groundstar Resources is the third partner. Vast Exploration, which acquired a working interest in the block in 2009, expects to recover $3.25 million from the Kurdistan regional government within the next year. The oil and gas company, which named Sam Yik as chief financial officer, said an attempt to find a suitable farm-in partner failed. This is the latest setback for Niko. The company has abandoned wells in Indonesia and Trinidad, cut its full-year production forecast due to mechanical issues at one of its blocks in Bangladesh. It is also dealing with declining volumes in India....Reuters

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