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 Repartee to Sam Daugher-WSJ 

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Repartee to Sam Daugher-WSJ ‎ 26.2.2012 
By Omar Sindi

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February 26, 2012

Browsing through the website; looking for daily news, somehow my eye hit the story which was written by Sam Daugher-WSJ.

The written Article on February 2, 2012: “Kurds Seize on Iraqi Crisis to Advance Bid for Oil, Land.” This is not a paragon writing, it is grim at its best, and it is regrettable at its worst with such myopic views.

Albeit the Kurdish leadership from 2003 have initiated an affirmative role and has played as a kingmaker betwixt the Shia sect of Islam and Sunni sect of Islam, to prevent Iraq from exacerbating further into deepening eclipsing crisis or worse into open end conflict, which would be a civil war. However, this schism between both sects of Islam goes back over many, many generations ago; for example each side claims that their own doctrines would be better served before God after a person dies for their causes so that he or she goes to Heaven.

Baghdad’s leaders out to be cognizant, must not follow particularistic fallacy policy, and should not mistreat the Kurdish people as less than equal partners if they have desire for these two Nations to perpetually and peacefully to Co-exist side by side as a unified economically vibrant Iraq and prudent to future generations.

At the same time the Kurdish people have every prerogative on their realm to reclaim, the lands and the properties which were taken away from them by force, throughout various Iraqi regimes and the harshest policy being under the reign of dictator Saddam Hussein.

Since the inception of the Iraqi State, the colonial power patched and forced undesirable marriage for the two nations .

Baghdad’s leaders have not found for clarifying and directing the seething social stigma, so that hope in the future replaces veneration for the past in the minds of the Kurds.

Look at the behavior of ex-Oil Minister Hussein al-Sharistani and now he is the Deputy Prime Minister for energy; Mr. Sharistani ‘s theism signature issue with the “ WORD OF OIL” of any Oil deal that the Kurdish leaders make with any foreign Company is illegal.

Mr. Sharistani lived in Canada and went to school over there, perhaps he knows the Canadian law, especially the Oil law: “In Canada, the Provinces have the Jurisdiction over the exploration, development, conservation, management of non-renewable resources in the Province.”

In the mid 1980s, the French speaking Quebec- autonomous region of Canada made a direct Oil deal agreement with the United States, despite objections from Ottawa, the deal went through.

Alas, if a Country should falls degenerate into the rule by the few instead of by many, then it is quite conceivable that people will be apathetic and hopeless to the “social myth”.

Omar Sindi - United States, a regular contributing writer for

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  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


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