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 Kurds in America Join Anti-Assad Demonstrations 

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Kurds in America Join Anti-Assad Demonstrations  27.2.2012  

Protesters in Nashville, Tennessee waving Anti-Assad banners and Kurdish flags. Photo: Mihemed Eli Zalla.  See Related Links
February 27, 2012

NASHVILLE, Tennessee,— Kurds in the city of Nashville joined hundreds of Arabs on Sunday in demonstrations against the regime of Bashar Al-Assad.

People of Syrian, Jordanian, Palestinian, American and Kurdish origins took to the streets, calling for the ousting of Assad and a democratic system in Syria.

Amidst shouting slogans of “leave us, leave us Bashar” the angry protestors called on the US government to help free Syrians.

“We need the help of the US army,” read one banner.

The demonstration was initiated by students of the Middle Tennessee State University.

Adnan Alshamti, the spokesperson for the protesters told Rudaw that the goal of the demonstration was to raise awareness about the plight of the Syrian people in Tennessee.

Alshamti said the presence of people from all parts of the Middle East and ethnic backgrounds in the crowd “shows that the world is standing united in the face of the Syrian government’s oppressions.”

Waving a Kurdish flag in the front row, with her 6-years-old son, Banaz Ghareeb, an Iraqi Kurd told Rudaw that she joined the protests to support the Syria’s Kurds’ fight for freedom.

“I am here to raise awareness about the oppression practiced against the Syrian Kurds and all the Syrians,” said Ghareeb. “Our presence here today, shows that the Syrian Kurds are not alone.”

Alshamti said through such demonstrations in different American cities they are hoping to pressure the US government to step in and do something about the onslaught against Syrian civilians.

A group of Native Americans were also present among the protestors.

Joe Black, a young American who was critical of his own government told Rudaw that he closely follows the news from Syria.

Black was concerned that not too many people knew about the Syrian fight for freedom, saying, “two western journalists get killed and its news resonates throughout the world, but hundreds of people get killed in Syria and many people are oblivious of it.”

“I am here to change that and to support freedom,” Black added.

By Mihemed Eli Zalla

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  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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