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 National Holiday for Uprisings (Raparin/Intifida) 

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National Holiday for Uprisings (Raparin/Intifida) ‎ 17.3.2012 
By Omar Sindi

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Abd al-Karim Qasim (R) and Mala Mustafa Barzani.
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March 17, 2012

There have been broad discussions among the public and the politicians in the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan Regional Government to proclaim March 6,1991 as an official holiday.

However, the proclamation uprising of September 11,1961 should also be recognized as well ;when the first kick off started in the city of Zakho and along with many other places throughout Southern Kurdistan ( Iraqi Kurdistan) to kick out the occupational soldiers of Abdel al- Karim Qasim who dishonored his words with the Kurdish people under the leadership of general Mustafa Barzani.

Mr. Qasim said that the Kurds and Arabs are equal partners with the new Iraqi society; people wanted consociationalism not a downtrodden government .

Late general Barzani was a visionary man with peace for all Iraqi people, in particular for Kurdish people, however Mr. Qasim left no room for negotiation; “Barzani was forced to deliver an ultimatum to Qasim in August 1961,demanding an end to authoritarian rule, recognition of Kurdish autonomy and restoration of democratic liberties .” After the liberation of Zakho’s City, Qasim’s regime unleashed all of his arsons including internationally forbidden weapons on the surrounding areas on defenseless people to retake the lost areas of Kurdistan from freedom fighters, but the people were determined to defend the gained freedom, because Qasim and his regime were ready to retake the city at any price, to kill too many innocents people; therefore the Peshmarga( freedom fighter) left the city to avoid the destruction and spare innocent lives. However; the Peshmarga continued fighting in the area with the Iraqi army in spite of their advantage in military equipments .

On October 1962, in Penjwin city, the Qasim regime cringed many times and failed to retake Penjwin from the Peshmarga despite their superiority in equipments and manpower; at the end of October the Qasim‘s soldiers gathered innocent people from surrounding villages of Penjwin and the soldiers lashed the children to the front of their military vehicles and pushed women in front of soldiers at gun point toward the city, whence the Peshmarga saw that cowardly acts by the soldiers then the peshmarga left the city, because they did not want to kill innocent people especially children .

The repressive political environment of the various Iraqi regimes opted catastrophic strategy with self delusional fantasy; this type of grandeurs fantasy has brought misery, disparity, disappointment and bloodshed upon all ordinary Iraqi people ,and the harshest of all were bestowed upon the Kurdish people.

Without the Kurds immolation, gallantry and valor during arduous times, it would have been impossible as a nation to exist.

Perhaps both historic occasions are out to be proclaimed as National Holidays, to honor those who dared to pay the ultimate price for the sake of democracy, freedom, and liberty for the Kurdish people.

Omar Sindi - United States, a regular contributing writer for

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  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


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