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 Top 10 Iraqi Most Corrupt Leaders

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Top 10 Iraqi Most Corrupt Leaders ‎ 24.3.2012 
By Baxtiyar Abdulrahman



March 24, 2012

According to Forbes the Top Ten richest people on the planet are as follows:

The World’s Top Ten Billionaires.

Name Wealth in Billions Company National Origin:

Carlos Slim Helu $69B - Telecom Mexico
Bill Gates           $61B - Microsoft United States
Warren Buffet     $44B - Berkshire Hathaway United States
Bernard Arnault  $41B  - LVMH France
Amancio Ortega $37.5B - Lara Spain
Larry Ellison       $36B - Oracle United States
Eike Batista       $30B - Mining Oil Brazil
Stefan Perrson   $26B - H&M Sweden
La Ka-shing       $25.5B - Diversified Hong Kong
Karl Albrecht      $25.4B - Aldi Germany

As one can clearly perceive, most world billionaires are owner of some kind of companies. They have worked hard to reach where they stand. Their assets are earned in legitimate ways.

Ranked No 3 in the list of top 10 corrupt countries, and with oil export revenues exceeding 200 Billion US Dollars per annul, following Iraqi politicians became billionaires over the course of 10 years. War is a lucrative business in the Middle East, specifically when mayhem and corruption is widespread.

It is 2012, but the vast majority of Iraqi continues to lack the most basic services. With no clean drinking water, electricity, health care, proper education and adequate employment opportunities, one wonders how such a country can develop.

TOP 10 Iraqi most corrupt leaders

Nouri al-Maliki: The Prime Minister of Iraq and the secretary-general of the Islamic Dawa Party.
Sayyed Ammar al-Hakim: Iraqi politician who leads the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, which was the largest party in Iraq's Council of Representatives from the 2003 Invasion of Iraq until the 2010 Iraqi elections.
Salih Muhammed al-Mutlaq: Sunni Iraqi politician who is the head of Iraqi Front for National Dialogue, the fifth largest political list in Iraq's parliament. Since 21 December 2010, he has been one of the three deputy prime ministers of Iraq.
Hussain Ibrahim Salih al-Shahristani: The current Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister for Energy.

Jalal Talabani: The sixth and current President of Iraq. Talabani is the founder and secretary general of one of the main Kurdish political parties, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK).

Massoud Barzani: The current President of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region and the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party.

Nechirvan Idris Barzani: The current prime minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government KRG of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Qubad Talabani: The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) representative in the United States. He is the second son of Iraqi President Jalal Talabani.

Masrour Barzani: A member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party leadership, son of the current Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani, and director of intelligence and security in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Ayad Allawi: an Iraqi politician, and was the interim Prime Minister of Iraq prior to Iraq's 2005 legislative elections.

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  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


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