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 Is that right to accuse the PYD for supporting Bashar Assad, or its just Turkish psychological war against the PKK?

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Is that right to accuse the PYD for supporting Bashar Assad, or its just Turkish...  7.3.2012  
By Nabaz Shwany 

Nabaz Shwany, Bachelor in Politics and International Relations.
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March 7, 2012

Actually, its for few months that Turkey started psychological war against the PKK and Kurds in South West of Kurdistan (Syrian Kurds). This war is mostly conducts by Turkish Medias and they are never reliable sources when it comes to Kurdish issue and the PKK. The Union Democratic Party, Also known as “PYD” which is a shadow of the Kurdistan Workers Party “the PKK” is one of approximately 15 Kurdish political parties in Syria and has large popularity among West Kurds (Syrian Kurds). For many years they strived against this authoritarian regime and until now there are hundreds of the PYD prisoners in Syria.

Since, the PYD is a dominant Kurdish Political party in Syria, thus has become the main concern for Turkish government, because in any situation when the Assad regime overthrows, Kurds will get their rights in this part of Kurdistan and it directly threats the Turkish National Security. For this purpose, turkey strives so hardly to make rumor about the PYD because they know it would be a second shelter for the PKK guerillas and easiest way for the PKK to attack turkey in the future especially when it has supports among local population. Plus, Kurds in Syria may enjoy autonomy and freedom that Kurds achieved after the collapse of Ba’th regime in Iraq.

To make it Unfeasible, Turkey is using any tools against the PYD since they know Bashar regime would be toppled soon. At the beginning, turkey tried to convince the Syrian opposition groups by aiding them financially and logistically; in exchange they deny the right and the existent of Kurds in Syria. Turkey put too much pressure on them and they finally accepted the Turkish demands and conditions as we have witnessed in their actions and speeches. Burhan Ghalioun, the head Syrian National Council (SNC) addressed on the DW-TV that “the Syria is an Arab country and that the other populations are strangers”. Here we see the pressures of the Turkish government. Hence, the PYD criticized this so called SNC and recognize them as the minders of the Turkish government and guards of the Turkey national security

The second strategy that Turkey is working on is to separate Kurds from each other. For thus, they first tried to convince and use Kurdish political parties in South of Kurdistan (Iraqi Kurdistan Region). Besides, they tried to eliminate national unity among Syrian Kurds. As we have witnessed, few weeks ago there was misunderstanding between Kurdish protesters and some external forces tried to turn it into violence in order to accuse the PKK for supporting the Assad. The Information that published on Turkish televisions and newspapers claimed that the PYD is trying to end up the Kurdish uprising and attacking Kurdish political parties and activists, while those who tried to make troubles among the protesters was planned by external forces and the aim was to accuse PYD and then the PKK. Though, the Kurdish political parties soon found out a swift solution and restrained from further escalation. Besides, the PYD and the PKK refused all the accusations that made by some opposition parties who are affiliated to the Turkish government and Medias claimed that the PKK is attempting to defend Assad rules. More importantly, they published and condemned all that attempts that aims to separate Kurdish Parties and Kurdish voices, plus supporting Syrian uprising and insisting on toppling Bashar Regime.

In the interview with Aljazeera, Mohamed Salih compared Syrian revolution to French Revolution and claimed “The Syrian Revolution is like French Revolution. The French Revolution was the revolution of the hungry, while the Syrian Revolution is a revolution of the hungry for freedom and democracy. But what is a perversion of the revolution, the Syrian track, and now comes the nationalists to take it out of its way to the purposes and foreign agendas that does not serve the Syrian benefit”. I think this claim is enough to rebut any accusation that Turkish government try to do so. Therefore, I wish the western Medias and journalists understand and be informed for the attempts of Turkish government against Kurdish people and in Syria. Kurds are thirsty of freedom; they have struggled for many years and have waited to enjoy their rights and to achieve their objectives. Now, Turkish government is trying to give another shape to our struggling by using internal and external forces. I think everyone has a right to support certain political parties and every political party has the agenda to target its goals.

This is democracy and natural right that many Syrians devoted their lives for. In the last few days PYD asked the Kurdish Political Parties in Syria to be united and to be more sensitive toward any incidents and foreign agendas, so they wouldn’t be used by any foreign countries. Additionally, asked to form a Kurdish National Council as an alternative of SNC because based on the PYD perspective this council is only fulfills the foreign agenda and Islamic Political parties. Further, the Syrian national council does not admit the Kurdish rights now while it doesn’t have any authority and they are still oppositions. Also, the president of Kurdistan Region, Massoud Barzani and Iraqi president Jalal Talabani stated many times that the Syrian oppositions are not serious in solving Kurdish issues in Syria and they don’t have a clear vision toward Kurdish cause for now and the future. So, what can we expect from this opposition when they take power? If they call us stranger now, what will they call us in the future? If turkey reflects their political views now, how will turkey dominate Syrian politics and government in the future? In my view, there would be next Turkey in this way and the Ottoman Empire revives. There is no doubt that PYD is against Bashar Assad and any criminal acts against Syrian people especially against Kurds but it tries to protect the blood shedding in Kurdish areas and use political means to meet Kurdish national goals. Further, PYD has a natural right to be skeptical toward Syrian National Council and do not support their agenda. Things are clear and the PKK sees the images behind the mirror and the tricks of the Turkish government which hardly try to eliminate the right of Kurds at any part of the world.

Bashar and Syrian National Council are in the same father and they both deny the right of Kurds. So, PYD doesn’t support either part; instead, it has a different view and different solution for Kurdish issue. Its members participate in any gatherings for obtaining Kurdish national rights and until now Kurds are successful and the government is seriously afraid of the anger of Kurds due to their strong influences on political dimensions and everybody must understand that without giving the right of Kurdish people no one can bring back stabilization for Syria. In the past Kurds were victimized for government unequal treatments and exploitation despite confronting all means of repression, but those so called Syrian Opposition Parties showed no support to end up Assad repression and exploitation against Kurdish people. In my opinion and based on all my analysis turkey only supports Syrian to undermine the Kurdish rights and to use them against any Kurdish movement and any separation that may happen in the future while they know the toppling of Syrian Ba’th regime is inevitable and will happen soon. Likewise, there is comments that Syrian government efforts to split Kurdish political parties from one another and widen discords, which is in the best of the regime, I truly believe just like turkey, Assad is also trying to do so.

Nabaz Shwany, Bachelor in Politics and International Relations. Currently, he is a Master student at the school of Government and International Studied, Public Management Department, University of Utara, Malaysia. For, March 7, 2012.

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The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


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