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 Syrian Kurdish National Council reject PKK's warring words

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Syrian Kurdish National Council reject PKK's warring words  30.3.2012  

The leader of the Kurdistan National Council (KNC) Ahmad Suleiman. Photo: Rudaw See Related Links
March 30, 2012

DAMASCUS,— The Kurdish National Council of Syria will not allow for Kurdish regions of Syria to become a battlefield, declared the council's leader.

Ahmed Suleiman's remark came in response to Murat Karayilan, the acting commander of the Turkey's Kurdish rebel group, the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), who said the group would turn the Kurdish region of Syria into a "war zone" if Turkish troops entered Syrian Kurdistan [Western Kurdistan] to oust Bashar al-Assad's regime.

Murat Karayilan said. "let it be clear that in case the Turkish state interfered against our nation in the western Kurdistan [Syria], then all the areas of Kurdistan will turn into a battlefield."

The Kurdish regions in Syria are still void of any forms of militancy, whether by the Kurdish opposition and the people, or by the Syrian authorities, Suleiman said.

He added the Kurdish National Council of Syria (KNCS) refuses any statement that call for changing the Kurdish area into a "battlefield for regional or international dispute, as the biggest risk will be posted on the Kurdish nation, who live in peace.

"We refuse to change the Kurdish region into areas of military dispute, even on the interior level," the official stressed.

"The KNCS is doing its best to guarantee security and peace for Syria as a whole."

Regarding the visit of the UN envoy to Syria, Kufi Annan, Suleiman said the Kurdish opposition supports any effort by the international community to alleviate the Syrian crisis especially in volatile areas, for the sake of Syrian citizens.

At the same time he believed Annan's mission "will not success without the approval of China and Russia."

However, Saleh al-Moslem, who leads the PKK-affiliated Democratic Union Party in Syria, said that PKK senior official's statement about Syria reflects solely his own beliefs.

"I don't believe that the PKK does not desire to take the Kurdish dispute in Turkey to Syria but it is Turkey which is now interfering in Syrian internal affairs," he said.

The official accused the ruling Justice and Development Party in Turkey of "standing in the way" of granting ethnic rights to Kurds in Syria.

He said: "[it] is a risk against Kurds, as it happened with the Turkish Ambassador's interference with Gamal Abdul-Naser in 1975 over the Kurdish radio in Cairo."

Moslem believed Karayilan was pointing out that in case Turkey interfered in Syria to "cull Kurds, then we [the PKK] will turn the Kurdish lands a battlefield against it [Turkey].

"And this is defending the Kurds not the Syrian regime. "

By Amer Abdul-Salam for Aknews part of this report.

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  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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