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 Turkey Kurdistan News in brief

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Turkey Kurdistan News in brief  31.3.2012   

March 31, 2012 -  Diyarbakir, Van, Mardin, Cizre, Agri, Batman...

Pro-Kurdish daily Özgür Gündem to be published Saturday

Istanbul: The 14th Istanbul High Criminal Court cancelled the ruling which brought a one-month publishing ban to the pro-Kurdish daily Özgür Gündem after the objection of the newspaper’s lawyers. The court had given the punishment on the accusation of producing propaganda of the illegal organization, which caused reactions by human rights advocates and defenders of the freedom of press and expression. Özgür Gündem will be published today Saturday after a week.

20 more prisoners go on indefinite hunger strike

Ankara: Twenty prisoners in the Erzurum H Type Prison have declared that they have gone on an indefinite hunger strike without turns as of March 26. There are currently about 500 prisoners in different prisons in Turkey who have been on indefinite hunger strike without turns since February 15 and later. The prisoners demand that the isolation of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) Leader Abdullah Öcalan be ended, that better conditions of health, security and freedom be provided for him and that military and political operations of the Turkish state against the Kurds be ended.

Victims of Roboski massacre prepare to migrate

Sirnak: No advancements have been made so far in the investigation of the Roboski massacre on December 29, which caused the death of 34 Kurdish civilians bombed by war planes. Mehmet Encü who lost two brothers and son nephew in the massacre warns that the 34 families from the Roboski Village plan to migrate in case the investigation does not bring results soon. Pointing out that those responsible of the massacre have still not been found despite the fact that the Parliamentary Committee of Human Rights Watch watched the footage of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV/Heron), Mehmet Encü says, “The prime minister and the chief of general staff are responsible in the first degree for the massacre. They know very well those who are responsible for the incident. They can simply ask the pilots from whom they took the orders to bomb. The orders obviously came from the prime minister and the chief of general staff. Otherwise the incident would have been solved by now.” Encü family plans to wait one more month and to migrate in case no advancements are made in the investigation. “We, the 34 families, will migrate away from here in case those responsible for the death of our children are found. We do not want to live on this land any more. We can do nothing but to migrate,” notes Mehmet Encü.

Kışanak: Kurds will not forget the 15 woman guerillas

Diyarbakir: A religious memorial service was held for People’s Defense Force (HPG) members Welat and Şehriban Argış in the Bismil Town of Diyarbakır Friday. Speaking during the service, Diyarbakır MP Leyla Zana said, “Women are the greatest force of a society. That is why they are afraid of women.” Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) Co-Chair Gültan Kışanak who visited the mourning tent for HPG member Şükran İmaç in Siirt said that the Kurds will not forget the 15 woman guerillas who were killed in a gunfight in the mountains of Bitlis. Giving her condolences to Argış family, Leyla Zana said “These young women could have been doctors, lawyers, mayors and deputies. But they considered their identity above everything. They chose this way by their own free will. They did not ask for too much. They only wanted an honourable life, like all the people in the world.” BDP Co-Chair Gültan Kışanak pointed out that the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) government impose policies of elimination to the Kurds, which force them to give up the struggle for their identity and honour. “However, they shall know that the Kurdish people will never give up their honour. The Kurds will never forget the suffering in Hizan and the 15 woman guerillas who gave up their lives for their people,” added Kışanak during her visit to the mourning tent where ‘Martyrs do not die’ slogan often echoed.

'Police tried to run over a child'

Diyarbakir: It has been claimed by witnesses that an armoured vehicle which intervened during Wednesday's rally after the funeral of People's Defense Force (HPG) members in the Bismil Town of Diyarbakir tried to run over an 11-year old child. The armoured vehicle had crashed the wall of a home after the mentioned child escaped. Home owner Feyzi Kurt says they will file criminal complaints against the police officer who was driving the vehicle. Kurt's wife Sabahat Kurt notes that it is purely chance that her baby did not die as the vehicle crashed the wall of the room where the baby was sleeping. A witness of the incident, Sultan Çınar, claims that the police officer got down from the armoured vehicle and aimed his gun at the 11-year old who managed to escape.

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