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 There is no single Kurdish nation: Armenian expert

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There is no single Kurdish nation: Armenian expert  14.4.2012  

Garnik Asatryan, Armenian expert in Kurdish studies. Photo: Pan Armenian
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April 14, 2012

YEREVAN, Armenia, —  There is no single Kurdish nation; there are separate Kurdish tribes, Armenian expert in Kurdish studies said.

As Garnik Asatryan told a press conference, Turkish and Iraqi Kurds differ from one another due to difference in languages, thus making the unification of Kurds quite a problematic issue, Pan Armenian website reported.

“The U.S. has invested significant resources in Iraqi Kurdistan. Turkey, acknowledging it, continues implementation of ousting Kurdish movement leaders from Turkey to Iraq, where tensions between the Iraqi and Turkish Kurds escalate,” the expert said, adding that the Kurdish population in Iraq totals about 4 mln., with 3-3,5 Kurds residing in Iran, 2 mln. in Syria and about 8-9 in Turkey.

[ editors' note]: Over 20 million Kurds live in Turkey (northern Kurdistan). Estimated to over 12 million Kurds who live in Iran (Eastern Kurdistan). Nearly 3 million Kurds live in Syria (Western Kurdistan). 4 million Kurds live in Iraq (Southern Kurdistan).

Turkey won't allow a Kurdish state in its territory

Expert in Iranian and Kurdish studies Garnik Asatryan said that Kurds have prerequisites to establish their state, but these statements are sparked by U.S. “Turkey will not allow creation of a Kurdish state in its territory,” he told a press conference on April 14.

“An idea to organize a referendum to withdraw from Iraq emerged recently in northern Iraq inhabited by Kurds. U.S. active policy pursued in Kurdistan is quite noticeable, and one can easily guess that they are pushing the Kurds towards liberation,” the expert said.

“In case they manage to establish an independent Kurdish state in Iraq, this will cause a chain reaction in Turkey, Syria and Iran. For their part, these countries may respond with relevant moves, making every effort for prevention of separatist tendencies,” Asatryan said.

“Most likely, these countries will resort to force, as was the case in northern Syria or Turkish-Iraqi border,” the expert concluded.

Levon Shirinyan, Armenian political analyst. 

Several external forces aim to divide Iraq

Several external forces aim to divide Iraq, Armenian political analyst said.

As Levon Shirinyan told a press conference, former President of Iraq Saddam Hussein turned Baghdad into a city of universities, trying to establish the most powerful scientific and technical base in the region.

“One of reasons to attack Iraq was the U.S. attempt to deter strengthening of the country. Both Israel and the U.S. pursued the same goal. Israel’s strategy was initially aimed at weakening all the countries of the region through organization of coups, revolutions and civil wars,” the expert said.

He further noted that groups studying the Kurdish issue and extending necessary assistance to Kurdistan currently operate in Israel.

Kurdish elite brings about independence efforts

Struggle to independence has already been launched by Iraqi Kurdistan, according to Levon Shirinyan.

In conversation with a Panarmenian reporter, Levon Shirinyan noted that political elite has already been formed in Erbil (Iraqi Kurdistan), which automatically results in attempts to break away from the central authorities.

“The people of Kurdistan are ‘armed to teeth’,” the expert said, deeming formation of a Kurdish statehood quite possible in near future in case of a powerful leader.

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  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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