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 Syrian Kurdish National Council denies meeting PKK leader Murat Karayilan

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Syrian Kurdish National Council denies meeting PKK leader Murat Karayilan  6.4.2012  

The leader of the Kurdistan National Council (KNC) Ahmad Suleiman. Photo Rudaw. See Related Links
April 6, 2012

DAMASCUS, — The National Syrian Kurdish Council denied Thursday meeting Turkey's Kurdistan Workers' Party leader Murat Karayilan  in Iraqi Kurdistan's Qandil mountains.

Websites reported that a delegation from the Syrian Kurdish Council, including political parties, youth organizations and independents, headed to the Qandil mountains - in the bordering triangle between Iraqi Kurdistan region, Turkey and Iran - to meet Karayilan.

The aim of the meeting was to consolidate the position of the Kurdish parties in Syria, considering the Democratic Union Party that did not join the Kurdish Council is thought of as part of the Kurdistan Workers' Part (PKK) in Syria.

The council's chairman, Ahmed Suleiman, told AKnews that the National Council did not receive any invitation from Karayilan or other members of the PKK to meet them in Qandil.

Karayilan, who is also the chairman of the executive body of the PKK and chairman of the executive council of the Kurdish Democratic Confederation (KCK), said: "The PKK will turn all the Kurdish areas in Syria to a battle field if the Turkish army entered Syrian Kurdistan [Western Kurdistan]".

He also accused Ankara "of preparing for an intervention encouraged by Western powers and especially the United States and some European countries."

The council refused days ago to turn the majority of Kurdish areas in Syria into a war zone, in response to Karayilan's statements.

As for holding the second conference of the National Council, Suleiman said that the council has not yet developed its political vision to prepare a political program for the Kurdish council.

With regards to the content of the document issued by the Syrian National Council he said that it is positive, pointing out at the same time that the document is not the same as what the Kurdish Council approved earlier and agreed upon with the Syrian National Council.

He considers that the document is related to the Syrian council, and the Kurdish Council will withdraw and not agree on the compatibility of the document.

The Kurds withdrew from the Conference of the Syrian opposition in Istanbul late last month, in protest against the rejection of Kurdish demands by the Syrian National Council.

The Kurds are the second largest population in the country after the Arabs, and according to unofficial statistics there are around 3 million Kurds. Kurdish groups accuse the regime in Damascus of applying racist policies against, and have been doing so for decades.

Kurds have been hoping for the recognition of their people and to be given the constitutional right of self-determination to choose decentralized management of their areas within the framework of a unified Syria.

The President of the National Council, Burhan Ghalyoun, sought to reassure the Kurds in Syria during the "Friends of Syria" conference in Tunisia two months ago.

He said Kurds will have a place after toppling Assad's government, promising decentralization and recognition of Kurdish national identity.

About the expansion of the local administration approved by the Syrian National Council, Suleiman said that political decentralization is the opinion of the Kurdish conference and it will not give up the demand.

He added, the expansion of the local administration, currently proposed by the Syrian regime and to be carried out in all provinces, does not take into account the national and state privacy of Kurds in their regions.

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  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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