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 Syrian Kurdish National Council's opposition package will not contain decentralization

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Syrian Kurdish National Council's opposition package will not contain decentralization  14.4.2012  

Syrian KNCS member Mustafa Ismael. Photo: AK News
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April 14, 2012

ERBIL-Hewlêr, Kurdistan region 'Iraq', — The Kurdish National Council of Syria (KNCS) is drafting a new package for the era following Bashar al-Assad's rule but it will not contain any provisions about a decentralization policy, as was demanded in the first congress of the council.

KNCS member Mustafa Ismael said the draft focuses on toppling Assad's regime, working to build a new Syria, recognizing the Kurdish people in the constitution and solving their issue justly and according to international conventions and agreements. The draft also concerns abolishing all of the discriminatory policies against Kurds.

"The political package does not recommend the policy of decentralization for the future Syrian administration, [because] the [rest of the] opposition [council] interpreted it as a demand for federalism and a threat against Syria's unity," Ismael said.

At the same time the package does not include any provisions about federalism, which was not even brought up in the communiqué of the first conference.

By virtue of the recommendations of the previous meeting of the Kurdish National Council of Syria earlier this month, the organizational and political committees met to discuss, study and lay out the new strategies for the next meeting of the council in the coming few days, said KNCS member Mustafa Ismael.

Ismael added that the draft which the committees prepared will be finalized in the coming meeting.

The meeting will also see members discuss plans to modify or annul some of demands called for at the first KNCS conference "particularly because those points created the major obstacle in the way for making any deals with the [rest of the] opposition and especially the Syrian National Council," explained Ismael.

The KNCS was formed in October last year, seven months after public protests broke out against Assad's regime. The council includes Kurdish political parties, youth organizations and independents.

Kurds constitute the second major ethnic group in Syria, amounting to more than three million individuals, according to unofficial figures. They accuse Damascus of exercising discriminatory policies against Kurds.

By Shirin Hizar

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