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 No democracy in Syria without just solution for Kurdish issue: secretary of the Syrian Kurdish Left Party

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No democracy in Syria without just solution for Kurdish issue: secretary of the Syrian Kurdish Left Party  20.4.2012  

April 20, 2012

ERBIL-Hewlęr, Kurdistan region 'Iraq', — The secretary of the Syrian Kurdish Left Party Muhammad Musa said the formation of the National Syrian Kurdish Council and the belonging of the parties and organizations to it supported the Kurdish position in light of the events taking place in Syria for almost 13 months. In an exclusive interview with AKnews, Musa said the position of the opposition on the Kurdish issue is unclear, adding that there is no democracy in Syria without a just democratic solution for the Kurdish issue.

How do you assess the performance of the Syrian Kurdish National Council since its formation last October?

The first step was represented by the announcement about the National Kurdish Council that included in its ranks at the beginning 11 Kurdish political parties as well as numerous social organizations and representatives of youth groups. This led to great satisfaction [among Kurdish public opinion] and amid Kurdish nationalism in general and attracted many people at the professional public and political level.

On the public level we have held a number of seminars and meetings where the public was informed about the National Kurdish Council as a first step by the institutions that have been formed and announced in the National Kurdish Council represented by the executive board of the offices of the Secretariat, coordination, media and external relations and other internal relations.

We also met with many opposition political groups across the country or at the level of the blocs and tried all means to reach understandings because we are linked with those brothers with common destiny on the Kurdish issue, since it constitutes one of the most fundamental issues that the fate of the country depends on.

The Kurds met the Syrian opposition parties more than once. What topics were discussed?

The discussions, meetings and all conversations revolve around the pre-change in the country and after it. We announced clearly our policy through the National Kurdish Council that focuses on Kurdish people as a key part of the Syrian society and a part that cannot be underestimated from the Syrian Revolution.

We support the peaceful democratic revolution in the face of tyranny in order to change the structure of the regime to reach a democratic one. That's what we were discussing at the level of opposition leaders and we have tried all means to convince the brothers that the Kurdish people live on their own historical land and are the second largest nationalism in the country and cannot be bypassed in any way.

What is the position of the Syrian National Council about the Kurdish issue?

The opposition parties must have a clear position toward the economic, political and social issues presented on the national Kurdish scene. And in the forefront, the issue of democracy and the transition from tyranny to the state of democracy in addition to resolving the Kurdish issue, since it constitutes one of the fundamental issues presented on the national scene that can never ignored.

Regrettably, we didn't reach through discussions with the Syrian National Council a consensus that unifies the positions to face the tyranny. We still have hope and we insist that the Syrian opposition must be within one framework or at least there should be cooperation and coordination between all its parties.

What is your position of the Syrian opposition conference in Istanbul and the Friends of Syria conference that was also held in Istanbul?

Most of the opposition blocs are currently out of Syria, and with great regret the Kurdish issue hasn't been addressed yet the way it should be, where the issue is always addressed from the point of equal citizenship.

We in turn assure that the Kurdish issue is not the issue of citizenship as it is the issue of the second largest nation, and the position of the opposition about this issue is unclear and it should be resolved in a way according to certain foundations and fundamentals to be adopted to build the future of Syria.

We say no democracy in Syria without just democratic solution for the Kurdish issue and addressing all of the issues of the Syrian society and resolving them.

What is the Kurdish National Council working on these days?

The executive body of the council held more than an exceptional meeting inside Syria as well as the meetings of the Secretariat General that addressed the development of two projects.

Firstly, a political project that deals with the future visions of the National Kurdish Council at all levels, whether at the level of field mobility or moving towards the desired change or at the level of achievement of the required coalition between the opposition blocs.

Secondly, the organization of the National Kurdish Council and the mechanisms that can be adopted, where the mechanism of formation of bodies, institutions, offices and work mechanisms will be developed. We can call it a road map for the Kurdish National Council about the way to deal on the ground among the field level and the level of dealing with others, or at the level of interaction within the bodies and institutions of the National Council.

When do you expect the expanded meeting of the Kurdish Council to begin? How many participants will there be?

I think that will take place during the next few days in Qamishli city with the participation of 321 members of parties, movements and independents.

Will all parties participate in the upcoming meeting of the National Kurdish Council?

So far we have been able after the first round of the National Kurdish conference to attract many of the youth groups, and I can say that there is a large number of youth and independent social organizations interested in national affairs. I think that this participation is an important aspect of Kurdish community in western Kurdistan.

Will the Democratic Union Party, which is close to the Kurdistan Workers' Party, participate in the upcoming conference?

The Democratic Union Party will not participate in the conference because it formed another council under the name of People's Council for Western Kurdistan. It is not a member of the National Kurdish Council. It works in another framework and more than one organization supports it.

We, in turn, formed a committee since the beginning and I was a member of the committee, negotiating committee with the other council, People Council of Western Kurdistan in Syria and we have issued five documents.

The first document under the name of understanding document between the two councils, the National Kurdish Council and People's Council for Western Kurdistan and issued two statements in which we tried to make it clear to our people about the need to achieve the required consensus and unify the Kurdish street and the Kurdish political movement. We have failed in forming a single council but we did not fail in the quest to achieve the required consensus.

We issued a statement later to inform the Kurdish people that we are moving in a direction that can achieve consensus and we agreed on the formation of regional committees for all regions to coordinate field work between the youth organizations and effective Kurdish parties.

By Shirine Hizar

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