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 Why president Barzani's popularity is diminishing both nationally and internationally?

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Why president Barzani's popularity is diminishing both nationally and internationally? ‎ 18.5.2012 
By Hemen Kirkuki

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Massoud Barzani, the president of Kurdistan region of Iraq. Photo: Reuters
May 18, 2012

The Kurds lamented and continue to do so from the hands of malicious dictators. For decades, apart from those in government circles, one had hardly even heard the expression Kurd and Kurdistan. Their struggle had not turned into fruitful one and not every power was willing to barter its own interests for the sake of hopeless Kurds, even have it been on philanthropist grounds till 2003. The entire world was hearing Kurdish bellow for aid.

Ultimately, the United States had to intervene to curb a brutal dictator from further committing pogrom against his own people. A completely- ravaged region has now turned into an economic boom. Kurdistan regional government president is hailed as head of state and roughly 30 countries proudly have their consulate established in Iraqi Kurdistan. Likewise, Kurdistan Regional Government holds foreign representation bureaus almost in every country across the world, but, predictably, all that seems to be gradually vanishing again over Kurdish leaders blunders.

President Barzani is tranquilly and covertly aiding a regime that has repeatedly let down the Kurds and aims to exploits the Kurds for the interim for its own endurance. The Islamic Republic of Iran has never been a reliable economic, political and military partner of Kurds and Kurdistan. Kurdistan Regional Government officials continue to embrace a regime that has no gains for Kurdistan in general, rather than further isolation. Besides, it was the very same regime that collapsed Kurdish Republic of Muhabad and continues to badger the Kurds with their constant shelling and aerial strikes.

Kurdish leaders do not seem to be gleaning their lessons from history and Kurdish nation suffers over recurring slip-ups by their leaders. Kurds could have gained more and can lose everything in their hands. Kurdish leaders must act sensibly and consider what is in their nations interests, not to be influenced by emotions, or they will have to account for their wrongs to their own people for decades for not subtly seizing on prospects.

The volume of commercial transactions between the two countries has boosted tenfold during the past six years, and "they are getting better, day by day, Hawler Newspaper quoted Sayid Azim Husseini, consul general of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Kurdistan Region's capital city, as saying.

Accordingly, Kurdistan Regional Government turns an absolute blind eye to the economic sanctions on Iran and apparently, it seeks to develop and invest on relationship with a marginalized regime at the expense of jeopardizing alliances with global powerful powers.

Barzani's ill-advised moves moves is risking strong friendship with Kurds' allies and marring the minimum likelihood that the west could have been cajoled to back the formation of an independent Kurdish state. KDP may lose few billion dollars from bilateral oil trade from Iran now, but it will harvest hundreds of billions, should the US endorses annexation of Kirkuk and disputed regions back into KRG.

For years, Barzanis-KDP has been purchasing oil from Iran for a reduced price and wholesaling it back to foreign oil firms. Should Iran thrives in securing nukes, KRG president Barzani must could be held accomplice for aiding a regime having dodged economic sanctions.

President Barzani is in all probability recalling memories of his sojourn days in Iran, especially during the Iraq-Iran war but has he ever deliberated deeply over the serious complications such unsupported development of bonds may result in. That the Kurds could be left alone once again on their own.

Deep involvement in corruption has waned Barzanis reputation nationally and subsidizing Iran has it internationally.

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  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


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