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 Syrian Kurdish National Council KNCS calls for boycotting parliamentary elections

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Syrian Kurdish National Council KNCS calls for boycotting parliamentary elections  8.5.2012  

Photo: EPA
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May 8, 2012

DAMASCUS,— The Kurdish National Council of Syria has called for a boycott of the country's parliamentary elections, which began yesterday morning for voters to choose new MPs in the first election after the issue of a law allowing the formation of political parties.

The elections are part of the political reforms adopted by the Syrian regime after the popular uprising that began 14 months ago against President Bashar al-Assad.

In the Kurdish areas of Syria, the Kurdish National Council of Syria called for boycotting the elections. Chairman of the council Ahmed Suleiman announced his own boycott because of the circumstances the country has witnessed for more than a year now.

Speaking to AK news, Suleiman said: "The current conditions in Syria don't allow holding parliamentary elections and electing members of parliament that truly represent the aspirations of the Syrian citizens.

"The Syrian regime is seeking, through holding the elections, to show that the situation in the country is natural and that the political process is taking place correctly. The whole world is aware of what's going on in Syria."

The Kurdish National Council of Syria said in a statement that the election boycott comes as the "dictatorial power" is practicing daily killings against the Syrian people alongside the continuing campaigns of repression, persecution, arrest, as well as the bombing of cities and the demolition of houses belonging to innocent people.

Hussein Shawish, member of the coordination of the Democratic Society Movement in western Kurdistan, denied the rumors about the participation of his Democratic Union Party in the Syrian elections.

"The Democratic Union Party is a member of the opposing coordinating body which announced its boycott of the elections. No member of the party was nominated for the elections, and those who spread such rumors don't have any evidence or a specific name to prove their saying.

"The party sees that these elections are illegitimate, especially in the atmosphere of the Syrian revolution. Some of the loyal Kurds for the Syrian regime asked the Democratic Union Party for support but the party didn't agree."

Shawish said that the Kurdish candidate in Damascus city Omar Aussie is a candidate that has his own movement and party - the Kurdish Initiative Party. Shawish said Aussie has nothing to do with the Democratic Union Party, especially because he has worked as a statesman for more than 15 years.

Aussie has spoken negatively about the Union Party on more than one occasion, although he sometimes speaks on behalf of the party.

By Amer Abdul Salam

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  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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