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 Turkey & Iran must learn a lesson from Syrian uprisings & provide bloodless regime changes of their own voluntarily

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Turkey & Iran must learn a lesson from Syrian uprisings & provide bloodless regime changes of... ‎ 29.5.2012 
By Steve Tataii
Special to

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Kurdish language speaking regional areas.
May 29, 2012

There would be two looming bloody civil wars never seen in the history of mankind if Turkey & Iran ignore civil societies' constant demands in variety of ways for constructive changes in their constitutions, and total rank & file leaderships, hence clean slate regime changes of their own voluntarily. In my assessments from the sudden Syrian uprisings I believe these two may also happen full force without warning.

This is only possible through clear & unconditional recognition of people's selected committees to conduct their own national elections for total leaderships of government heads, while current regimes would act only as a stand by "Transitional Governments", handing over all authorities, and offices to the newly elected government heads by "the National committees" conducting elections under UN or other trusted neutral observers picked by the said committees without any interferences by the current Leaderships to change the entire regime's leaderships and specifically the entire military's top leaderships.

You notice the importance of using "s", which refers to both, Turkey & Iran regimes' complete military and political power holders, while in a period of 6-8 months they will all have the chance to remove their offices' belongings, and if any of them wish to relocate to other cities or wherever they choose to move to or remain in their community homes after the said national elections have indicated their replacements.

The most important point is that there should not be any spark of any clashes between government forces and civil societies throughout Turkey & Iran in order to prevent civil wars and provide for bloodless regime changes, while committees complete the nationwide elections. All expenses shall have to be provided form the national funds in possession of the current two regimes.

I think this is the best way to do what is right, and put an end to the 92 years old of ruthless and undemocratic methods of the governments of Turkey & Iran, installed during the colonial powers' direct interventions into the internal affairs of the two countries' puppet regimes and the shaping of their artificial maps particularly when they caused Kurdistan national homeland to be partitioned by 4 "puppet usurpers", forcing her today's more than 50 million Kurdi people live in 4 separate parts under 4 separate colonial powers' foreign supported regimes of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria; taking away their right to be sovereign & independent like other newly formed nations in the region (i.e. Jordan, Saudi Arabia, etc.), formed through League of Nations soon after the 1920 treaty of serves or the so called "Self-Determination Doctrine of Woodrow Wilson" was promulgated after the fall of Ottoman Empire.

The League callously disregarded the promised Independence for Kurdistan, Armenia, and Azerbaijan though the last much smaller two nations finally were granted theirs after the fall of USSR without firing a shot.

As apparent now, before our eyes; nearly all those puppet regimes manufactured by Colonial Powers in government designs, and drawn maps are falling one by one, and the pace is rapidly picking up after the Western world's favorite English nick name of "Arab Spring".

The domino effect of "Arab Spring" has been reverberating the neighborhood, persisting to get back the people's choice of governments held up political power from the 92 years of Rotten old colonialism era's ruthless dictatorships, monopolizing political powers, and "the neighborhood" is listening with enthusiasm, obliging the puppet regimes by offering the blood of many of their brothers, sisters, and inadvertently even innocent children caught in crossfires of the already established blood thirsty & trigger happy Ba'si regimes' Syrian Arab Soldiers, who willingly, knowingly, and shamelessly blow up residential homes full of innocent civilians with heavy artillery, tanks, and even Jet fighters bombing "supposedly" its own people. This is not only a cannibalism type of madness, but rabies put on steroid.

Despite Turkey & Iran's two separate regimes' agendas of one attempting to become an EU member, while doing everything to keep it disqualified and perhaps permanently barred from entering the membership, the other working around the clock to become a nuclear power entity against all odds, which will surely cause Iran massive death and destruction to halt their project by her arch enemies one way or the other.

Isn't it wise therefore, that; both regimes of Turkey & Iran to get on with what is right, and voluntarily "CHANGE" or replace themselves in a similar or the same proposal I've made above? Isn't this also what is wanted based on popular support of 99% of their two massive populations, which by the way have captivated the nation of Kurds, consisting nearly half in total, to become independent, now that the Syrian & Iraqi Kurdish regional parts are about to become just that "Independent Kurdistans"? I recon it is, "I recon it is".

So I say to all: The captive Kurdi people in their occupied homeland, and their captive Arab, Turkic & Persian neighbors with their peoples deprived of having happy, and prosperous lives, yearning to live their lives without the fear & greed imposed upon them to be in the wrong battles against Kurds & brainwashed by their phony regimes, not their regimes, but rather the reminiscence of the diabolic colonial power era's lackeys, that:
It is time to BREAK the CHAINS and BE FREE, so be wise, be brave, be fair, live, and let live, but live in your own homeland not in others', steadfast in your struggle for regime change to achieve that genuine Freedom, and finally recognize who is your enemy and who's your friend after all those 92 years of being enslaved to fight their senseless WARS, which has only benefited them, and killed the innocent people, once living like brothers & sisters side by side. So let's bring back those days, which has been stolen from us for 92 long years.


Steve Tataii is a Kurdish scholar, current candidate for US Congress in 2010 special election, former candidate for the United States Senate in ‘06, and US House in ’02 (won the election, but denied of his victory through a plot by corrupt inner circle political elements). US House Candidate ’08 (no debate), author of three recent books on the Iraq War related to Kurds and Kurdistan, long-time contributing writer for local and other media, linguist of more than six languages, and an Independent Conflict Resolution Consultant. His Website is: 

Steve Tataii is a longtime contributing writer and columnist for

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  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


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