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 Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief

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Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief  18.6.2012   

June 18, 2012 -  Sulaimaniyah, Erbil-Hewler, Duhok, Kirkuk, Kurdistan Region 'Iraq'

KRG representative office opened in Austria

Vienna: Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) opened its official representation in Vienna, Austria, in a ceremony on June 14. Mustafa Ramadan will head the new office, KRG website reported. The ceremony was held at the presence of the Iraqi Ambassador Srud Najib, KRG Foreign Relations Chief Falah Mustafa and a number of Austrian officials. Launching the office in Austria is an important step as it will pave the way for establishing strong ties between KRG and Austrian government, Mustafa said. The website citing a senior Austrian official said that Austria is also going to open a trade representation in Erbil by early 2013. The office, in addition to other services, will issue visa for the Kurdistani residents who visit Austria.

Kurdistan's meteorology predicts big rise in temperatures this summer

Erbil: The Kurdistan Region's meteorology organization expects there to be a big rise in temperatures this summer. Director of Hassan Wahab said: "This summer will come on June 21, but the average temperature in the Kurdistan Region dramatically increased even before the summer. Therefore this summer is expected to be very hot compared to last year." Wahab expects the temperature to rise for two reasons: the occurrence of Erbil province under low pressure from the Indian peninsula and the growing phenomenon of global warming. Erbil province will be affected by heat more than the rest of the provinces of the region due to being a plain area, said Wahab.

Almost 400 lawyers submit application to Judicial Institute for study

Erbil: So far 390 lawyers and solicitors have submitted their applications to the Kurdistan Region's Judicial Institute, said Kurdistan's Ministry of Justice. Ministry spokesperson Sherwan Haidari said the judicial examination for accepting applicants will begin this Friday. Some 60 percent of the applicants are men. The exam will include written and oral exams and part of it will be an interview. The main condition for accepting students is that the applicant must be above 40 years old and have 10 years of legal experience in a position such as a lawyer or solicitor. This is the first admission for the institute. This year 40-50 students will study in the institute for two years.

Publisher to organize Kurdish genocide awareness raising events

Erbil: A publisher in the Kurdistan Region is preparing to organize events and seminars in the UK in July about the Kurdish genocide. Director of Badrkhan Publishers Hamid Badrkhan said: "Beside organizing four festivals annually, the publisher is preparing to set up a number of events in Britain on Kurdish genocide in participation with Kurdish artists and sculptors. The events will be called The Definition of Kurdish Genocide for Public. The events will be part of awareness raising efforts on genocides against the Kurdish people in Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria. On June 14, 1988 the former Iraqi regime carried out a series of genocides under the name Anfal against Kurdish people.

Kurdistan stores receive over 61 million kg of wheat and barley

Erbil: The Kurdistan Region's grain stores have so far received over 61 million kilograms of wheat and barley, said the economic adviser in the region's Ministry of Trade and Industry. Fars Majeed said the region's stores have collected 61.3m kilograms of wheat and barley. Erbil stores have received 10.4m kilograms, Makhmour stores 13.3m kilograms and Suli has stocked 10.4m kilograms. Kalar stores have received 1.3m kilograms of grain, Saed Sadiq has collected 4.4m kilograms, Faeda 8.4m kilograms, Shekhan has stocked 7.5m kilograms and Zakho has collected 5.4m kilograms.

Kurdistan needs united official Kurdish language, says Kurdish List

Erbil: The spokesman for the Kurdish List in the region's parliament said Thursday that there is no bill in the parliament on adoption of a unified Kurdish language, adding that a united official language is needed. Aso Karim said: "The law of languages is found in countries that include more than one official language, but here in the region there are the official Arabic and Kurdish languages and other national languages for other parts of the Kurdish community, such as Turkmen, Syriac and Armenian. "We need a unified official language and this needs time to bring the views and standardize the vocabulary and prepare for this issue. And there is a big mess also in the spread in billboards and commercial banners in different languages on the roads and streets and they need organization." The head of the Kurdistan Region Massoud Barzani called for the need to work to adopt a united Kurdish language like the Arabic language which brings together many nations and dialects, considering it as one of the basic elements needed for the presence of any nation. Last summer Erbil held the first scientific conference on Kurdish language in the presence of dozens of experts and specialists. The event was sponsored by the Kurdistan Regional Government and issued recommendations calling for the unification of Kurdish language and the formation of specialized committees to follow up the recommendations.

Mira sings song for Suli

Sulaimaniyah: Kurdish melodist Halkawt Zahir announced on Saturday that Kurdish singer Mira's last album includes a song for Sulaimaniyah (Suli). Zahir said Mira's new song - Sulemani - will become one of the singer's famous songs because it is technically enriched with all song basics like melody, poetry, music and performance. "The text is about Suli's history and development in culture and art. It also talks about Mahwi, the Kurdish historical poet," added Zahir. Mira's newest album, Remember Me, consists of 13 song tracks and the music video process has ended, said the melodist.

Iraqi-British Businessmen Council opens office in Kurdistan

Erbil: The Iraqi-British Businessmen Council (IBBC) announced Wednesday it will open an office in the Kurdistan Region.The council decided to open its office in Erbil, capital of Kurdistan Region, and the decision will be enforced from this moment onward, said Baroness Nicholson, executive IBBC chairman. Nicholson added the office will effectively work to improve ties between the Kurdish businessmen and the IBBC members. It will also help to engage IBBC members in investment in Kurdistan. The official invited all IBBC members "who run business and big investments around the world to come to Kurdistan. "We will introduce Kurdistan' security, stability, economy, business and society to them." The IBBC and Kurdistan Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry held a conference Wednesday in Erbil in order to introduce Kurdistan's business state and reinforce ties.

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