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 Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief

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Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief  28.6.2012   

June 28, 2012 -  Sulaimaniyah, Erbil-Hewler, Duhok, Kirkuk, Kurdistan Region 'Iraq'

Miss Beauty of Kurdistan Region will be chosen today

Erbil: The head of the committee for Hala Hawler's Festival announced that Miss Beauty of the Kurdistan Region will be chosen Thursday in a pageant at Rotana Hotel. Sirwan Tofiq said: "A committee from Lebanon is invited to choose the Miss Beauty and is headed by Miss Poland 2005 Agata Wozniak. "Forty three contenders participated in the competition and only 12 made it to the final. Miss Beauty will be chosen from among these 12 finalists.” Three of the finalists are Kurds from European countries and the others are from the region’s provinces. This is the first beauty pageant in the Kurdistan Region.

Main Kurdistan opposition party, Gorran, supports early elections as "final solution"

Erbil: The Kurdish Gorran (Change) Movement supports staging early national elections if it is the final solution for settling the current political impasse in Iraq, said a senior party official. Gorran welcomes any solution for breaking through the crisis the country is experiencing, said Mohammed Tofiq, a spokesperson for Gorran. Yesterday Iraqi Prime Minister called for early elections. At the same time he renewed calls for holding talks and promised reform in all the institutions of the state. This is while the MPs are preparing to interrogate Maliki over "constitutional violations." Under article 62 of the Iraqi constitution, the House of Representatives cannot be dissolved while the House proceeds to interrogate the PM. Efforts to bring down Maliki have been intensified recently and key leaders as Iraqiya List Leader Ayad Allawi, Sadr Current Leader Muqtada Sadr and Kurdistan's President Massoud Barzani, support the campaign.

Kurdistan government and private sectors concentrate more on industry, agriculture and tourism sectors, says Barzani

Erbil: Kurdistan Region's Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani said the government and private sectors from now on will concentrate more on industry, agriculture and tourism sectors. Barzani and his deputy Imad Ahmed met with a number of the region's investors in the Ministry of Council's building, according to a statement from the Kurdistan Regional Government. In the meeting, both sides discussed the situation of investment in the region and methods to enhance it. They also talked about the managerial and legal problems faced in their work. Barzani said: "The regional government supports investors and works to eliminate the barriers facing investment in the region."

Iraq's Foreign Ministry denies member involvement in money transactions

Erbil: Iraq's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has denied that its members are involvement in illegal money transactions abroad. The ministry's website reported that the transparency association in Iraq said on al-Sharqia TV channel that Iraq's diplomats and officials in the country's Ministry of Trade carried out illegal money transactions. The ministry said: "These rumors are baseless and untrue and not based on any evidence."

Barzani Rejects Calls to Meet With Maliki

Erbil: Political leaders and officials have tried to persuade Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani to talk with the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, but Barzani still refuses dialogue with a man he accuses of totalitarianism and the cause of Iraq’s political crisis. Maliki became prime minister with the consent of Barzani and his allies following Iraq’s 2010 elections, but his failure to fulfill the terms of the Erbil Agreement has compelled the Kurds, Iraqiya bloc and Sadr Movement to demand a withdrawal of confidence from him. Arif Tayfur, deputy Iraqi parliament speaker and member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) political bureau, says, "A lot of efforts are made to normalize the political process in Iraq and make Maliki and Barzani talk, but until now the efforts have been futile.” Tayfur says there are no guarantees that Maliki will ever fulfill his promises. “He has not done it for six years and he has constantly attempted to add to the crisis." Mala Bakhtiyar, director of the executive committee of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), requested in an open letter last week that Barzani agree to talk with Maliki. The Islamic Republic of Iran also requested through their consulate in the Kurdistan Region that Barzani resolve problems by "talking with Maliki." According to Tayfur, Iraqi President Jalal Talabani is among those who have asked Barzani to meet with Maliki. “There are a number of political partners Barzani needs to consult with before accepting to sit down with Maliki.” Tayfur

Kurdistan's parliament to proceed with first reading for making Sulaimaniyah the city of culture

Erbil: The Kurdistan Region's parliament is proceeding with the first reading of the draft law for making Sulaimaniyah the city of culture in the region, said the media advisor to the parliament’s speaker. In the session, the first reading of the draft law will be presented. Then the next debate will be the release of the end of the second meetings in the third election of the Kurdistan parliament, added the advisor.

Kirkuk Kurds leave integrity committee meeting over Kurdish language dispute

Erbil: The meeting between Iraq and Kirkuk's integrity committee was held in the city's provincial council on Monday but the Kirkuk Kurds left the meeting due to a lack of Kurdish language on the meeting’s bulletin board. The Kirkuk Brotherhood List (KBL) held a press conference after leaving the meeting. ember of the city council Ahmed Askari said "We are in support of the elimination of corruption in Kirkuk but we left the meeting because the tablet meeting was only written in Arabic without respecting the other three languages in the city." According to law, everything in Kirkuk must be written in four languages, including Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish and Suriani, added Askari. "This is the second time this conduct has been repeated. We agreed that the bulletin board should be written in four languages but the managerial board of the meeting didn’t comply with its obligation.”

Memorandum signed between Iran and Kurdistan Region’s provinces

Erbil: Memorandums of understanding have been signed in Krmashan between 12 border provinces of Iraq and Iran, among them Erbil and Sulaimaniyah. Erbil governor Nawzad Hadi said the memorandums of understanding were signed between cities bordering Iran and Iraq in a conference in Iran in the presence of a number of Iran's government officials. "The conference was held to strengthen economic and trade relations between both parties and to solve border crossing barriers like roads and customs." Erbil province in the past signed a memorandum with west Azerbaijan. This time the province signed a memorandum with Krmashan and Khozistan. The conference was held in Krmashan in Saturday and Sunday.  Trade exchange between Iran and Iraq reached $5bn (5.8tr IQD) last year.

Anti-smoking law issued

Erbil: The website of the secretariat of the Iraqi Council of Ministers reported the issuance of anti-smoking law no. 19 for the year 2012. The department of citizens’ affairs and public relations explained that the law aims to protect people from the dangers of smoking and reduce the proportion of smokers by setting standards for anti-smoking, said the general secretariat of the Council of Ministers. The law covers smoking in public places within the governing bodies and ministries and departments, educational and health, institutions, airports, companies, factories and airports in all provinces of Iraq. The law will take effect on September 30 after 90 days from the date of publication in the Official Gazette.

Kurdistan's Electricity Ministry announces creation of five power plants

Erbil: The Kurdistan Region's minister of electricity has announced the creation of five hydropower and gas plants in the region. Yassen Shekh Abubakir Mawati said the ministry has plans to implement the project soon. The project includes creating three hydropower plants in Deraluk-Rashawa Dam, Mandawa-Kopala and Taqtaq. Mawati said: "The ministry is set to create two gas power plants with 200-megawatt capacity each in Qaladze and Harir."

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