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 Kurdistan needs English Language to protect Kurdish culture

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Kurdistan needs English Language to protect Kurdish culture  18.6.2012 
By Kamaran A. Karim


Photo: NRT TV
June 18, 2012

Iraqi Kurdistan needs the use of English Language in their media to promote the Kurdish culture more. None of the Kurdish news channels broadcast news in English. Foreigners in Kurdistan need to know about the Kurdish culture and by this, the Kurdish media should use the English language as well. For example Kurdistan TV, NRT, KNN, Zagros and so on; none of them use the English language.

The use of English language will promote Kurdish culture. If the Kurdish media starts broadcasting news in English and letting the world know who the Kurds are and what Kurdistan is, maybe people will start to recognize Kurdistan instead of Northern Iraq. If Palestine is recognized as Palestine then Kurdistan should also be recognized as Kurdistan. I wanted to read an article the other day and looked up the NRT website knowing that the website itself does not use the English language.

A popular channel such as NRT should use English language in their media. The Kurdish media should also frequently broadcast news and shows in the Kurmanji dialect to protect and promote Kurdish culture. Most Kurds from north and west Kurdistan don’t speak or understand Sorani at all. Both English and Kurmanji should be used in the Kurdish media to protect and promote our culture. The world will get to know about Kurdistan and use the term “Kurdistan” or at least “Iraqi Kurdistan” instead of just simple plain “Northern Iraq”.

When media corporations such as Al Jazeera or CNN, use “Northern Iraq” people mistakenly understand it as the same Iraq as Baghdad or Mosul. The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) should do everything to protect and promote the Kurdish culture. Perhaps it (KRG) can create an independent English channel promoting the Kurdish culture in every way. This channel should broadcast music, news, religion, sports. People think that Kurds are only an Islamic nation. We have Yazidi’s, Christian’s, Muslim’s as well as Jews and other small religious sects in the Kurdish culture. We should let the world know who the Kurds are. It should be a channel broadcasting all the Kurdish views from all four parts of Kurdistan. This is the only way we can let the world know who we (Kurds) are. Broadcasting such a channel will help the Kurdish cause more and will benefit all Kurds from all four parts of Kurdistan.

Kamaran A. Karim -

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  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


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