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 Taste the possibilities: This is Kurdistan

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  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


Taste the possibilities: This is Kurdistan ‎ 18.6.2012 
By Laween Atroshi 

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Laween Atroshi, UK Health Informatician & Ambassador For Peace (UPF)
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June 18, 2012

Arrived at a huge light-house building. Welcome to Erbil International Airport. Whether cold or hot, the sun is radiating upon every single Kurd that you see. There is a strong friendly odour in the air. Walking outside exposes you to the soil that our grandfathers and ancestors fought on. The soil that has had generations pass through. It is relatively warm. Warm with passion and pride. Warm like the personality of a Kurd. Whilst walking through the streets and supermarkets, you are continuously greeted and acknowledged as a human being. It doesn't matter whether you’re a cleaner or a doctor, what your religious background is or what dialect you speak. You are a Kurd.

I came across a man on the street that was carrying a heavy load on his back, and a Tasbeeh (Prayer beads) in his hand. He gave a fainted smile, which revealed a clear heavy burden upon him. “Kaka, what is wrong?” I asked him. He replied back with a strong smile. The smile that told a million and one words. The smile that suggested; what can be wrong in this beautiful life? The personality and dignity was too strong to say what was troubling him. The passion and determination was heart melting.

Without a surprise, houses and shops have occupied the lands of Kurdistan. However, doors are casually left unlocked and open. How can one sleep at night knowing that they have left their doors open and their territories welcome to intruders? With the overwhelming level of trust between the people of Kurdistan, the sense of security and love pierces even the coldest enemies. With regret, the KRG is seen negatively according to some sources within international terrain, and perhaps within the region. I suggest that one takes on a birds-eye perspective of the work, effort and love that each Government member has adopted to develop the Region, whilst setting political background aside. Until then, I almost guarantee that you will find their endeavours awe-inspiring.

As a British-Kurd, it was mesmerising to see such a wonderful nation, where anything is possible. Decisions would be made in minutes, and implementation made in seconds. Whether right or wrong, this is Kurdistan. Nowhere is perfect, but in Kurdistan, we are currently making history. We are becoming pioneers through exposure to opportunities. Finally, with time and continuous effort, things will get better.

Laween Atroshi, UK Health Informatician & Ambassador For Peace (UPF). Laween Atroshi is not affiliated with any political party or organisations. Views and opinions are solely his own and do not reflect any organisation whom he has a direct or indirect affiliation with, either through employment or honorary. Laween Atroshi is a regular contributor to

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The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


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