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 Potential Israel-Kurdistan help in breaking up Syria

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Potential Israel-Kurdistan help in breaking up Syria  16.6.2012  
By Arnold Harris, Mount Horeb 

June 16, 2012

I am much more impressed by Sherkoh Abbas, who is a leading figure in the Kurdish national movement, than I am with the usual well-intentioned but politically useless letters with signatures of the famous or wannabe famous, sent by Jewish organizers to leading politicians, beseeching this or that piece of good think.

Mr Abbas recently has called on Israel to assist the Kurdish nation in breaking up Syria into separate ethnically-feclined regions, which, of course, would markedly assist the Kurds in established their own long-sought state. All this was reported by Jonathan Spyer last month in the Jerusalem Post. Here's the link:

Yes indeed, making points against Obama with mostly-Republican and mostly-rightwing people like me in the USA is heart-warming. But it is far more in Israel's national interests to build up independent and potentially powerful national entities such as Azerbaijan and Kurdistan that are located in the environs of Iran. If I must pick and choose between siding with the Armenians as opposed to siding with the Azerbaijanis, I always will side with Azerbaijan. As for Kurdistan, they very likely will be the best regional Middle East ally that Israel could ever acquire.

Expand Kurdistan and at once Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria are all shrunken and weakened. Yes indeed, the Kurds are Sun'a Muslims. But the Arabs, Sun'a or Shi'a, are among their long-standing and probably permanent enemies. And for them as well as for us, the enemy of my enemy truly and naturally is my friend. Besides which, the Kurds, mountaineers to the core of their being, are among the toughest fighters of the Middle East.

So, how hints do you need, Israel, to go after the sturdy allies available -- right in the heart of the Middle East -- and forget about pimping for somebody to invite Israel in the dying European Union?

Arnold Harris
Mount Horeb WI

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The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


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