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 Was Vladimir IIyich Ulyanov Neckname known “Lenin” a quality Fighter for all, or a creepy Power Grabber opportunist?

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Was Vladimir IIyich Ulyanov Neckname known “Lenin” a quality Fighter for all, or... ‎ 27.7.2012 
By Omar Sindi
Special to

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July 27, 2012

This article is not to teach people a history lesson, however, history is a history, but it is very important to be cognizant with the past history, especially those individuals’ views and behaviors, whom did shape the World affair, or changed political spectrum of the empire of the early 20th century. This narrating, is no indicative to represent the defense of a repressive role, corrupt decay Romanov dynasty in Russia. However, misfortunate ongoing rampant corruption, absolutism, and study declining of Czar ‘s role and “disastrous wars with Japan in 1905 and Germany ‘s declaration of war on August 14, 1914, it was everything that the Czar could have wished”: These kind of circumstances pressured Nicholas II to give more breeding to political Parties, in which both the Bolshevik Party and Menshevik Party were vying for such window of opportunities.

Despite all of the upheaval, Lenin was very well known for his anti Czar‘s regime activities; he was political exile along with wife leaving in the Western Europe. He claimed ( Lenin) was follower of Karl Marx, strongly defending Marxism theory for peace, justice, equality for all genders; of course Marx`s manifesto did not recognize any religions, in accordance with his theory, the faith is just like “opium” for people ‘s relaxation from injustice bestowed on them by the Landlords and cruel governmental apparatus’.

Here are critical points out to be examined more; if Lenin was a hypocrite.

-While Lenin was living in France: It was alleged that he was having a mistress Inessa Armand, she was revolutionary comrade and his wife Nadezhda Krupskaya was not happy with love triangle relationships, perhaps that Lenin did not believe traditional marriage, both were atheism but still his wife was reluctant and un- happy with a third person, partnership; if Linen was struggling for justice, at same time, he was doing un–justice to his spouse.

-“Lenin was in Switzerland at the time of the revolution of February 1917”: With help from German authority for safe passage by train through Germany, the whole deal is still mystery, between Lenin and German authority. “When Lenin train pulled into Petrograd’s Finland Station greeted with the Petrograd Soviet Workers and Soldiers’ Deputies headed by its chairman, a Menshevik named Nikolai Chkheidze.

At this point the Mensheviks were riding high. They had a majority in the Soviet and a leading role in the Provisional Government. Despite their ambivalent feelings about their old political enemy, they felt obligated to honor a great name in the revolutionary movement.

Chkheize was conciliatory. The principal task now is to defend our revolution” he told Linen, and we hope that you will pursue this goal with us. Lenin avoided a direct answer. In June, 1917, delegates from the various city of Soviets met Petrograd for the first All- Russian Congress of Soviets. When one speaker urged that the Congress support the provisional Government because there was no single party strong enough to assume Power, Lenin interrupted: There is. Amid derisive laughter - the Bolsheviks had only 105 out of 822 delegates”.

“All social movements have an ideology, or sets of beliefs, that justifies the social arrangement that the movement desires .The ideology of every movement provides a diagnosis of what is wrong, an explanation of how the problem came about to correct the situation.”

Perhaps many of Lenin ‘s schematic vying for power will probably never be fully disclosed, but obviously on surface he was avowed, this is a struggle for justice , peace, equality for all and a follower of Karl Marx theory of classless society however slowly and surely the Socialist Camps including Soviet Union took different direction became the most class Society in which the Party Cadres and hierarchy family members became with especial privileges’ who shop in the special stores and drove on a designated roads, etc. The probability most of the third World dictators came to power “copy past” from Lenin’s behavior. These dictators also slowly and surely became ruthless to their people, for example , despotic Mohamed Hussien Mubarak of Egypt in 1990’s election he proclaimed that the Egyptian people over 80% voted in his favor; no one would dear to question to Mr. Mubarak ‘s claim and another example, Libyan dictator Muammar el- Gaddafi did not allow any official swimming pools, Mr. Gaddafi considered them a waste of water, no one within circle would have encouragement to tell dictator that pool water can be filtered and recycled . History is cruel and fair it will not forget, nor forgive any misdeed or any accomplishment for those individuals who shaped the political spectrum in world affair.

However, the idea that Lenin was so enthusiastic about, it was one of the phenomenon’s of mid 18th - century and it became upheaval of early 19th- century; it clearly failed to reach any tangible positive outcome for mankind.


• Prelude to War; by Robert T. Elson- Time Life Book
• Sociology book-Second Edition by Ian Robertson

Omar Sindi - United States, a regular contributing writer and columnist for

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  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


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