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 The Future of Kurdistan is Gloomy

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  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


The Future of Kurdistan is Gloomy  7.7.2012  
By Muhsin Kikani
Special to 

From right Kurdistan president Massoud Barzani (KDP), Iraqi president Jalal Talabani (PUK), Nawshirwan Mustafa, the head Gorran (Change movement) the main Kurdish opposition in Iraqi Kurdistan. Gorran is a rival to the ruling PUK and the KDP, his party scored a success in Kurdish elections in 2009, taking several seats from the incumbent parties.
July 7, 2012

Kurdistan has been through out history an unconquerable castle . Despite the divisions, genocides, displacement, Turkification, Arabization it is still standing tall .Perhaps too tall for a nation which is surrounded by most of the major powers in the region . The enemies of Kurdistan have learned their lesson a long time ago which is " You can not defeat the Kurds and only Kurds can defeat Kurds", Thus came the emphasis on buying out Kurdish groups loyalty and putting them against other Kurds if needed . The policy have worked so far with astonishing success rate and cost us hundreds of thousands of deaths by our own hands with nothing to show for except a handful of Rials, Dinars and Liras .

Kurdish political parties in southern Kurdistan [Iraqi Kurdistan] have failed the nationalism test despite the tremendous opportunity being offered with American liberation . They are still fighting, planning, and undermining each other secretly and some times in the open .The dream of unity has never been further than it is now . The big ones are grabbing power like there is no tomorrow and the small ones are a gun for hire politically for now .

If there is anything we have learned so far that democracy does not work in such environment and it has been a major contributor to the problem . Dictatorship is not a solution either since we have several of those and it will lead to divisions within divisions .

The future of Kurdistan is gloomy to say the least . For a Kurd to grab his AK47 to confront Turkish or Iranian troops is a delight and comes with tremendous pride, but when that is done they tend to switch to self destruct mode .

Southern Kurdistan is booming economically and there is certain level of freedom and democracy which we can all be proud of . There is no serious threats from anyone towards the de-facto state that has been establish since 2003, Yet the relation among political groups has never been more intense and their finger is always on the trigger .

The cracks started to show up on the surface with Gorran [Change movement] and their chaotic demonstrations that wanted nothing but a complete and total destruction of everything we have built so far . Despite the obvious intentions of breaking down the Kurdish alliance they still managed to convince the public of their good intension and the poor and uneducated Kurds believe them . The response from Kurdistan Democratic Party KDP and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan PUK was soft and timid, but they manage to put the cork on the bottle for little while. Gorran since then have been plotting KRG's downfall, but this time with the support of Arabs and Iranian to ensure that their next destructive step will not go in vain like it did the first time . Their sudden and close relation with Iran is a bad indication of what is to come and possible alliance between PUK and Gorran is on the horizon to counter KDP's influence and popularity which is on the rise .

The masters of the puppets will win again and we as a nation will once again will try to blame & validate everyone's stand and regret the lost opportunity and the cycle goes on.

Muhsin Kikani, Iraqi Kurdistan -

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The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


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