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 Kurds seize power in Kobanę in Syrian Kurdistan

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Kurds seize power in Kobanę in Syrian Kurdistan  20.7.2012  


Syrian Kurdish city declares independence without violence. Photo: UKS

All government institutions in the city seized by people. Photo: ANF
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Kurds free first Kurdish city in Syrian Kurdistan from Assad regime.

July 20, 2012

KOBANE, Syrian Kurdistan,— The Kurdish people seized all government institutions in the Kurdish city of Kobane in West Kurdistan (Syrian Kurdistan) aka northern Syria on Thursday as clashes between Assad’s regime and Western-supported armed groups are reported to be intensifying, ANF news agency reported.

Kobanę city also known as ("Ayn al-‘Arab" in Arabic) is a Kurdish Syrian city administratively belonging to Aleppo Governorate.

Kurdish authorities in the region stated that this measure has been taken to prevent the war in Syria from reaching the region of Kurdistan.

Government institutions have reportedly been seized by committees for civil defense which were created by the people with their own means. Kurdish flags have been planted in many of the seized offices in the city where people are said to be celebrating the seizure.

Speaking to ANF about the most recent developments in the city, Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) co-chair Salih Muslim Mohammed confirmed the news and remarked that the committees for civil defense never resorted to the use of force during the act of seizure. Mohammed pointed out that the same act has been carried out in some regions of Afrin as well. People are going for self-governance, noted PYD co-chair and added that the acts of seizure have been carried out to not to allow clashes in the country to proceed to the Kurdish region.

The committees for civil defense have been formed recently by Syrian Kurds with an aim to advance control in the regions they reside in. Members of committees say that they are responsible for ensuring security of life and property of the Kurdish people in Syria.


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