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 Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief

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Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief  14.8.2012   

August 14, 2012 -  Sulaimaniyah, Erbil-Hewler, Duhok, Kirkuk, Kurdistan Region 'Iraq'

Pacification between Baghdad and Erbil expected soon, MP

Baghdad: State of Law MP expected that some "pacification" will be realized in the coming few days between Baghdad and Erbil, calling the Kurdish officials to be "lenient" to overcome the present crisis. MP Salman al-Mussawi, in a press statement, copy received by Aswat al-Iraq, added that the tension between the two sides was due for several reasons, including the investment of oil with the center's consent, the disputed areas and arming Kurdish Peshmerga. He called for leniency by the Kurdish side, hoping that "the region will be developed through unified entity of Iraq". Mussawi added that the federal government trying hard "to overcome the pending problems through the constitution, which guarantees the rights of the Iraqi people, including the Kurds.

Dana Gas production in Kurdistan increases by 42%

Erbil: Dana Gas Company achieved, during the first half of this year, an income to reach 1.254 million dirham, with an increase of 1% for the same period of 2011, according to Emirates news agency. The total profits increase reached to 13% to achieve 767 million dirham, due to the increase in production in Kurdistan. The company confirmed the increase of its production in Khor Mor field in Kurdistan, where the company owns 40% of the field.

Salih's visit is partisan and not related to Erbil and Baghdad disputes, says source

Erbil: A Kurdish official in Baghdad said that Barham Salih's visit, as the former PM of the Kurdistan Regional Government and current deputy of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan’s (PUK) President Jalal Talabani, is a partisan visit and not related to the Baghdad and Erbil disputes. The anonymous source added: "Salih as a head of the PUK delegation visited Baghdad along with a number of members of the party's politburo. "The aim of the visit is to improve the relation between the PUK and Iraqi parties." The source also said: "As part of the relations between the PUK and the al-Dawa Party, Salih will meet Iraq's Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and the delegation will meet other Iraqi parties." The Baghdad and Erbil dispute will not be discussed in this visit because it is PUK's visit, confirmed the official.

Researchers warn of dangers of dubbed dramas on Kurdish children

Erbil: A number of researchers, social workers and psychologists in the Kurdistan Region have warned of the risk of dubbed television dramas on the mental health of children and the future of the region. A statement from the group said: "Dubbed dramas, especially South Korean ones, that are presented on local and satellite channels that broadcast in the region include scenes of violence, killing and bloodshed, and such dramas have a remarkable audience in the region. "The TV channels that present such dramas are responsible for the risks that threaten the future generations in the region. "Because of the incomplete cognitive and mental health aspects of the children, they may try to implement what they see and this may threaten their life or at least make them violent." The statement noted that "guidance can be given before the presentation of such drama and identify the minimum age of the viewers, and present such programs after 12:00am".

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  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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