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 Notes on Michael Rubin's articles

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  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


Notes on Michael Rubin's articles  13.8.2012 
By Mariwan Pauls

Michael Rubin.
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August 13, 2012

Dear Mr Rubin

There are flaws in your article on and in Kurdistan Tribune One fact is that the Kurds in Turkey are treated appallingly as individuals and as a Nation in Nationalist/Islamist Turkey. So appalling in fact, it is not even acceptable in a third world country let alone for a country aspiring for European Union membership.

I am not going into details of abuse here, I am sure you have the all the facts and figures to prove that. As you would expect, the Kurds (whether through PKK or some other organisation) will defend themselves and their legitimate national and democratic rights firstly through democratic means through Local and National elections. But if that doesn’t work - as Turkey doesn’t accept results of democratic election and disqualifies, dismisses and imprisons Kurdish local counsellors and MPs (Leyla Zana is ONE example, there are hundreds if not thousands of such practices), what other options Mr Rubin do you recommend?? What did the West, including the US, do against such an onslaught on Kurdish democratic rights?? Did it kick Turkey out of NATO for such non democratic behaviour against 20 Million Kurds? Did it stop its annual financial support? Not at all. It sided with Turkey against the Kurds under the pretext of PKK being a terrorist group.

In your article "Will Turkey Lose its Fight to the PKK?" published on 10/08/2012 in, you seem to change your views slightly re PKK. Not sure why the sudden change given that Turkey has supported Hamas for years and it wasn’t yesterday!! The only thing that has changed might be to do with PKK’s success in recent weeks against the Turkish military. Not sure how such success, or otherwise, would lessen or increase the democratic legitimate rights of the Kurds in Turkey?

It is about time the West realises the nature of the Turkish regime and recognises the Kurdish rights in Turkey and acts accordingly. It will awaken the Nationalists Turks within Turkey to think how the modern world is and how it works (as oppose to being in Kemalist coma for the last century) and readdresses partially the historical injustices the Kurds have suffered in the past century.

Best Regards


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  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


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