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 Dr. Denise Natali‘s writing is a support for last propagating regional imperialism in Kurdistan

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Dr. Denise Natali‘s writing is a support for last propagating regional imperialism in Kurdistan ‎ 17.8.2012 
By Omar Sindi

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Dr. Denise Natali is the Minerva Fellow at the Institute for National Strategic Studies INSS, National Defense University and the author of The Kurdish Quasi-State: Development and Dependency in Post Gulf War Iraq.
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August 17, 2012

Dr. Denise Natali‘s writing is a support for last propagating Regional Imperialism in Kurdistan.

Observed many of the written articles, by Scholar Denis Natali throughout different media outlets indirectly encouraging and cautioning regional powers to keep cooperating to status quo of old colonial borders in Kurdistan, to be kept as they are.

Since the inception of ‘Young Turks spring- Unionist or ultra- nationalist adventure’ in the beginning late 18th century - they chose to discriminate against Kurds intellectuals, then to go to mono rule ,which dragged Ottoman Empire to a catastrophic wars .

Pan-Arabism – ideology in early 19th century, which produced Michel Aflach Baath Party ; “its Socialism soon to become ultra- national variety”, which produced infamous omnivore a man like Mohamed Talab Hillal in Syria, the Baathist Cabinet post Minister in 1963; who planned systematic destruction of Kurdish land in Eastern Syria, who wrote a baseless & unfounded thesis on the Kurdish people, which he set out “Arab Cordon Plan” ( Al Hizam al-Arabi) which envisaged the expulsion of the entire Kurdish population living in eastern Syria, so called along the border with Turkey”. Today the World has witnessed that the racist misguided policy that set out by opaque views that all Syrian people are suffering, and in Iraq produced like a carnivore Ali Hassan al- Majid with the known nick name “chemical Ali”.

The Baathist in Iraq in which chemical Ali envisaged to destroy the Kurdish people and Kurdistan with chemical weapons again; the world has witnessed how much the whole Iraq suffered in particular the Kurdish people have suffered the most of this misguided policy, but at least chemical Ali met his fate, “was hanged for his crime against humanity”. I am not here to teach Scholar Natali a history lesson but she (Natali) should be cognizant enough that these kinds of myopic views have degenerated the region including but limited to incalculable amount of money for purchasing arms, to control the regional people, to sustain status quo and to maintain dictatorial system in place, economic digress and preventing academics advances, etc.

“Kurdistan was erased from the map after World War 1, when the Allied Powers carved up the Middle East and denied the Kurds as a nation – State,” as far as Kurdish people concern this is a historical betrayal bestowed on the Kurdish nation by the victors of World War 1. The dominators of the sub- colonial states of this land do not appear to have any future solutions at hand or to say these armed conflicts have failed to achieve any tangible goals. Therefore, we should pursue a different vision for the whole region, the best option that would be a peaceful process. The Kurdish people have not sought superiority over any other nation; they seek equality, co- partnership, peace and justice for all, but at the same time, they do not accept inferiority either.

Dr. Natali, one of your interviews; by Joel Wind the title of the article stated “Kurdistan will never become independent, it is not in the inertest of any regional State” what gives you such hypothesis and on what bases you make such crude predicament, perhaps people like you are sad to see dictators like Saddam Hussein is gone from the center stage; it appears that your pen is consumed for realpolitik.

Dr. Natali, while you were working as a teacher in autonomous region Kurdistan- Iraq on March 6, 2012; in the written article by Borou Daragah, he asked you that are you investing your money in Kurdistan, then you stated “we are not taking money from Paris (your place of residence) investing here ( in Kurdistan) ; are you kidding?” That was a wrong financial forecast by your view. Whatever amount of money had you invested before in Kurdistan then it would have quadrupled by now and it would have been much higher profit margin than the same amount of money in Paris. Maybe many people listened to such wrong advice not to invest; I am pretty sure they regretted now because I am one of those who did not invest.

“The ideology of racism serves to legitimate the social inequalities between the groups by making them seem “natural” or “right. ”If one can believe, that all tyrannical behaviors are good. Prejudice attitude toward members of another group. These people are regarded with hostility simply because they belong to a particular group, and they are assumed to have the undesirable qualities that are attributed to the group as whole”.

Natali, these writings have become thoroughly detestable; your grim view against a nation who has been struggling for many decades to free themselves from tyranny and to gain freedom. However; your true color is camouflaged behind, the National Strategic Studies INSS, at National Defense University

Omar Sindi - United States, a regular contributing writer and columnist for

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  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


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