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 Turkish Government Anxiety, into Kurdish Liberation Movement

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Turkish Government Anxiety, into Kurdish Liberation Movement ‎ 2.8.2012 
By Omar Sindi
Special to

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August 2, 2012

Nominally, Various Turkish governments on the surface have proclaimed, they practice democratic process; same time have forbidden over 20 million of its Kurdish citizen to participate democratic process; with exception of recent years that have allowed limited democratic participation process for its Kurdish citizen. It is still long way to go and it is far from complete/perfection; but it is a glimmer of hope is on the horizon that both people can co-live together as a peaceful partners.

Now Turkish government anxiety into Kurdish liberation movement in Western Kurdistan in Syria; Erodgan government has publicly declared its staunchest support for Sunni Arabs anti- Basher Assad’s regime in Syria. While same time has verbally propagandize invasion of western Kurdistan because this areas has been liberated by a particular group or a political party. Democracy one can’t pick and chose or impose for someone else to what kind of political party or a group out to lead.

In 1990 ‘s and 2003 Turkish government showed same anxiety/phobia, even though did not pin point a particular group, but rather the fear approach was the whole Kurdish issues South Kurdistan - Iraqi Kurdistan. But today it appears at least on the surface the current Turkish government has overcome, its fear approach. Autonomous Kurdish government has become one of the biggest trading partner and current Turkish government has gained a tremendous economic strength and prosperity perhaps Turkish Companies coffer over 8 billion dollars annually from autonomous Kurdish region.

Turkey should welcome future democratic process, pluralistic, Federated government in Syria including Western Kurdistan- Syrian Kurdistan - Western Kurdistan will perhaps in the future will become also its trading partners,’ just like Officially recognized Kurdistan autonomous region-Iraq .

Syrian Opposition Movement: Initially had miscalculated approach to the Kurdish questions and concern in Syria. They did not have any pre-dialogue or approach to many Syrian Kurdish political parties, these kind of demagogy behaviors will not produce any tangible positive results for all Syrian ills. Are anti Bashar al- Assad ‘s fighting for freedom, democracy for all Syrians or they just want to change Assad’s regime, regardless of out come? Syrian oppositions have to recognize that the Kurdish recognition in Syria is inevitable, Kurdish people and their political parties, they have to establish proper dialogue with.

Extreme views and anti Kurds sentiment within opposition circle will not help to alleviate old wounds. People with Such extreme view out to be excluded from decision making in Syrian future; like a late region’s Chief of police & Baathist Cabinet post as minister in 1963, Mohamed Talab Hilal. Hilal tried a baseless and unfounded writings about Kurdish history; history can not be manipulated as one wish to change.

Turkey should wait on anxiety; its rhetoric as usual not to jump on Wagon; autonomous region inside Syria might be in their benefit just like autonomous region inside Iraq. Who knows what might happen?

Unity for Syrian Kurdish political parties; credit should go to President Massoud Barzani, who tried his influence to form a committee of different political parties; now is known supreme committee for all Kurdish factions inside Syria.

• People Without A Country- Edited by Gerard Chalian

Omar Sindi - United States, a regular contributing writer and columnist for

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  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


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