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 The WikiLeaks farce also an extra load

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The WikiLeaks farce also an extra load  25.9.2012 
By Dara Ahmed
special to

Dara Ahmed
September 25, 2012

The powerful authorities of the world, as any exploitative authorities in history, while through their servants who are formally against authorities but really they want to share the government cake, they plan to reveal some of their secret atrocities and achieve their miserable plans on the one hand, and on the other say to people, especially to the poor: what we really are and we do not really care, and this is what we can do, without ever stopping, therefore to find the balance between friends and enemies to see the level of defence of the progressive people, civilian and humanitarian forces and destroy them through the development of new plans to market their arbitrary policies.

Presently the WikiLeaks scenario is exactly the same plot as I mentioned above, which is organized and led by intelligence officers of US and British capitalists and by using the backward countries and those who adhere to them, so they choose (naive Julian) champion for their scenario, whether he knows it or not.

It also shows that every politician and person knows the savagery of American and British forces in the Iraqi and Afghanistan war and their political and economic destructive and expansionist plans are much wider than those published on WikiLeaks site. But that the immoral authority through their inhuman system tries to stop the process of progress and awareness, they know very well that there are still too many people remaining who believe their political manipulation and can mislead these people to a further period to extend the life of their system, more and more.

It is with deep regret, owing to effects and the high capabilities of the dominance of the existing system that the humanitarian forces and advanced people in the whole wide world surrender and are unable to make the necessary response to these sordid scenarios, especially in the media side they are too weak and unable to oppose these massive media’s which are organized by writers, journalists and academic centers who are relevant to the exploitative systems in the whole world.

Despite this aforementioned situation, the media and even the independent ones under the influences of the prevailing media, talk too recklessly and unclearly on these scenarios, but that now and then, here and there, some of the independent and enlightened writers put their fingers on the facts, that the public are fed up of the deceptions, lack of freedom and miserable life. We hope that independent journalism will make a greater effort, more effectively, on these issues and do not allow these scenarios such as a Wikileaks type farce to be an extra load on thousands and thousands of problems which are created by the totalitarian capitalist authorities for the oppressed people in the world.

Dara Ahmed, London. The author can be reached via email at: [email protected]

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  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


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