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 Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief

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Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief  3.9.2012   

September 3, 2012 -  Sulaimaniyah, Erbil-Hewler, Duhok, Kirkuk, Kurdistan Region 'Iraq'

Kurdistan opposition blocs seek to cancel Article 140 supervising committee

Baghdad: The Kurdistan opposition blocs in the parliament demanded on Monday to cancel the committee supervising the implementation of Article 140 of the constitution, saying that there was no representative from Kirkuk among the committee's members. Article 140 is one of the main pending questions between the central government and the Kurdish region during the last few years, because it tackles the question of the disputed areas, most important is oil-rich Kirkuk province.

Refusing supplementary budget is infringement of constitution, says legal committee

Erbil: The parliamentary legal committee said the Iraqi Parliament's rejection of the supplementary budget is considered as a constitutional violation. Member of the committee Mahmoud al-Hassan added: "The provision of the Iraqi constitution is keen on the need to approve the supplementary and general budget. "Approval of budget is related to state public facilities, especially when this includes operating expenses, salaries and expenses related to the maintenance of some government projects, on top of the service ones. "The House of Representatives has the right to conduct transfers and adjustments in some places of the budget in exchange with public spending but has no right by refusing because this leads to an imbalance in the state budget." The Iraqi Parliament recently rejected the supplementary budget.

Spacetoon Sues Kurdistan Store

Erbil: The Spacetoon television channel is filing a lawsuit against a store in the Kurdistan Region because it has used the channel’s logo as its sign. However, the owner of the store says, “We have a contract with the channel. We paid them $90,000 to use the patent name, so we will file a lawsuit against them, too.” Spacetoon was the first free-to-air animated channel in the Middle East, broadcast from Dubai Media City since 2000. In 2002, the first store in Duhok opened under this name. Two years later, another branch was opened in Sulaimani. In 2010, the same store opened two more branches in Erbil and Pirmam. The store sells toys and children’s products under Spacetoon’s name. Soran Qasim, the owner of the Erbil branch, said, “We paid them $90,000 for use of the patent name. We also paid them a yearly royalty for the commercials they ran for us. But they have not aired our commercials for the past six months.” Spacetoon rejected that the Kurdistan store was its representative in Iraq, saying they don’t have a representative in Iraq. They also said that the kids’ products in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region are not their products, but the Kurdistan store took advantage of the name to create a market for their products. MBC3 is another cartoon channel based in Saudi Arabia. This channel is very popular in the Middle East and the Kurdistan Region, so the Kurdistan chain has tried to advertise their products through them as well. Qasim said, “When the Spacetoon channel found out that we want to advertise our products on MBC3, they said we were using their name illegally.” He added, “Since Spacetoon said that, we have lost many customers, so we decided to file a lawsuit against the channel and demand compensation for our losses.”

Investment in Kurdistan highest in mid 2012

Erbil: International economic magazine said that the first half of 2012 was the highest in foreign investments in Iraqi Kurdistan. MEED said that the investment reached to 3.4 billion dollars, where the foreign companies make the Kurdish region as their "start to work in Iraq". The article said that the Kurdish Investment Commission ascertained that the investment reached more than 3 billion dollars during 2011, thus reaching to 21 billion dollars since 2006. It added that most of the investments are stationed in Erbil, where it got 12 billion dollars. Sulaimaniya received 6 billion in investments, while Duhuk got 3 billion, as reported by the article.

Housing projects in Kurdistan halted-official

Erbil: Head of the Investment Commission in Iraqi Kurdistan Heirsh Muharram announced Sunday that the housing projects were put to a halt for re-organization, hoping that the Investment Law will be sent to the Kurdish parliament. Muharam told Aswat al-Iraq that this move was necessitated by the present circumstances and needs. Commenting on the Investment Law, he added that it is under amendment and was sent to the Kurdish Cabinet before two years, but we hope to be sent to the Parliament in the coming few weeks.

Increasing membership of Electoral Commission strengthens Kurds' rival, says official

Erbil: A Kurdish official in Baghdad said increasing the membership of the High Electoral Commission strengthens the State of Law Coalition and reduces power of the Kurdish list in the commission. An anonymous political source told AKnews: "The Kurdistan Blocs Coalition's concern about increasing the membership of the commission includes many issues, which is mostly increasing the power of the Kurds' rival State of Law." The official said now Kurds have two seats out of nine in the commission, which is equivalent to 23 percent. If the seats increase to 15 then Kurds would receive one more seat to become a 19-percent share. According to that, Kurds’ authority in the commission would reduce. According to the study carried out by the Islamic Supreme Council, the Sadrist Movement and Iraqiya List in six seats, Kurds would receive one seat, two of the seats would go to other parties and the last three would go to the State of Law. Increasing the membership of the commission gives the State of Law better control over the commission, added the source.

Iraq in 4th place among importers of US weapons

Baghdad: Iraq came in the fourth place among the importers of US arms in the Middles East between 2008 and 2011, according to the report issued by the Middle East economies organization. The report unveiled that Iraq depends on two major arms exporters; the United States as it signed deals at $4.8 billion and with Russia which brought weapons from it at $100 million. The report underlined that Saudi tops the list after exporting 40% of arms exports in 2011, as it remain the most important client for the US arms industry. Last year the kingdom bought weapons with $33.7 billion.

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