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 Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief

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Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief  8.9.2012   
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September 8, 2012 -  Sulaimaniyah, Erbil-Hewler, Duhok, Kirkuk, Kurdistan Region 'Iraq'

Jalal Talabani will return home in coming days, party sources

Slêmani: Kurdish Union Party announced Saturday that president Jalal Talabani's will return home during the coming days to assume his post. His first return leg shall be Kurdistan; he will then head to Baghdad, party spokesman Azad Jindyani said on Saturday. Talabani was meant to return after Eid festivities, after a medical trip lasted for about two months in Germany. Talabani submitted an 8-point initiative to solve the political crisis in the country and expected to call for convening the National Conference after his return.

Kurdistan delegation makes for Washington

Erbil: A delegation from the Kurdistan region headed on Friday for the United States on an official visit to meet officials of the US administration and Congressmen. “The delegation, which includes Fouad Hussein, head of the presidential Divan and Falah Mustapha, the official responsible of the foreign relations department in Kurdistan, will meet during the week-long visit with US administration officials and Congressmen as well as other senior officials,” a presidential statement said. “The delegation will pay visits in think-tank centers in Washington to hold talks on the political developments in Iraq and the relations between Kurdistan and the federal government,” it added. The delegation will meet also with the Kurdistan community in the United States.

Three Kurdistan civilians wounded in Turkish bombardments

Erbil: Three civilians from Sangasar parish (Slêmani province) were wounded last night when Turkish fighter jets bombarded the area, Sangasar administrator said. The fighters bombed Qandil Mountains' skirt near Ashqulka, Sinamoka, Duele, Khwebiyn and Kurtak villages at 11.00 p.m. for one hour, said Abdul-Razzaq Bayiz. Three villagers from the area, Fatim Khidir Ali, Dadwar Abdulla and Lawi Abdulla were wounded, a number of livestock killed and an artisan well destroyed in the air strike, according to the official. Bayiz said the wounded were transferred to hospital and their wounds are light. He added since August the Turkish jets bomb Qandil Mountains every 10 days. According to the statistic since 1993 some 73 civilians from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq have been killed and 85 more wounded in the shelling and air strikes of the Iranian and Turkish militaries. The attacks have also displaced more than 811 families only in 2011. The presence of the Turkish outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and its offshoot for Iran, Party of Free Life for Kurdistan (PJAK), in the triangle bordering Iran, Turkey and the Kurdistan Region has given a pretext to the neighboring countries to launch offensives against the bordering territories of Kurdistan.

Kurdish powerlifter sets new record in London Paralympics

Erbil: Powerlifter Siamand Rahman of Shino city of Iran twice set new records in London Paralympics, due to end Saturday, media reports said. On Wednesday, Rahman, 24, broke the record for the +100kg weight class with his opening lift of 270kg and then he lifted 280kg in his second attempt. Rahman's third attempt for lifting 301 failed and he did not try more. Iraqi powerlifter Faris al-Ajeeli won the silver medal with his second lift of 242kg and South Korean Chun Keun Bae the bronze with a best lift of 232kg.

Barzani to meet with Kurdistan political leaders Saturday

Erbil: Kurdistan Region's President Massoud Barzani is expected to meet with the leaders of the political parties in Kurdistan to discuss the current state of relations between Erbil and Baghdad. An informed source who demanded anonymity said that the meeting of the political leaders will be held in Salahaddin Resort of Erbil and the major opposition party, Gorran (Change) Movement will not participate in the gathering. Gorran has always reiterated that it will not participate in "ceremonial meetings which are just for the sake of meeting not for [finding] solution," said Shaho Saeed, Gorran spokesperson. He continued Gorran will only participate in the meetings which have a "clear agenda." Gorran also did not attend a previous meeting of Kurdistan political leaders, chaired by Barzani. Currently the tensions between Gorran and Barzani's ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) are high.

Demand to host three ministers in Kurdistan parliament

Erbil: Major opposition bloc, Gorran (Change) Movement, demanded that the Kurdistan ministers of planning, trade and health be invited to parliament for clarification over introducing expired foodstuff and medicine and health condition in restaurants. Kardo Mohammed, head of Gorran bloc, told Xendan news agency that his bloc on Friday sent a letter to the presidency of the parliament to host the ministries for explanation and introducing solutions. He said recently through the media outlets "it was proved how difficult is the situation of Kurdistan civilians. "For food and medicine security the big responsibility is on the government and parliament to prevent trading with the lives and health of the civilians." "We have demanded that, the soonest, the presidency of parliament insert the quality control bill in the agenda." It's a while there is a campaign of closing down restaurants, hotels and supermarkets is running in Kurdistan.

First Annual Careers Conference Held in Erbil and Slêmani

Erbil: Last month, 25 local and foreign companies participated in the first Kurdistan Careers Conference in Erbil. A similar conference will be held this week in Slêmani. Amanj Muhammad, the main organizer of the conference, said, “The aim is to establish job recruitment centers and decrease the unemployment rate in Kurdistan.” Muhammad, who formerly represented the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Spain, said that the idea first came to him when he returned to the region two years ago. “I had a hard time finding a job when I came back to Kurdistan in 2009 as there were no recruitment agencies for job seekers like they have in other countries,” he said. He said that, in the West, career conferences are held annually, adding, “We want to do the same thing here.” However, Muhammad noted that representatives from foreign companies told him that when they invest in Kurdish employees and train them for careers, they quit their jobs to become government employees for a smaller salary. “This is a big problem and we need to change this mindset,” Muhammad said. “In general, oil-rich countries produce lazy people.” Muhammad Khalis, a computer science graduate, came to the conference with the hope of finding a job. “I came to find a job with an oil company, because they pay well.” “So far, 450 people have applied for jobs with oil companies,” the conference organizer said. “We want to become a bridge between job seekers and companies in the future.”....

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