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 Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief

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Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief  7.4.2013 


April 7, 2013

Slêmanî (Sulaimaniyah), Erbil-Hewlêr, Duhok, Kirkuk, Kurdistan Region 'Iraq'

Kurdish leader insinuates possibility of public referendum

Erbil: Leading Kurdish leader Barham Salih insinuated from Turkey that the "Kurdish leadership may demand a public referendum if all means to solve problems with Baghdad failed", warning that Iraq is "moving towards division if the political circles would not evade such a path". Salih, Secretary General of the Kurdish National Union Party, headed by Iraqi president Jalal Talabani, held discussions in Turkey through a "surprise" visit. In a statement to Saudi Al-Sharq al-Awsat daily, he elaborated that "after 10 years of toppling the previous regime, Iraq is still living in critical situation that stirs concern, because the constitution is violated, agreements are not implemented and attempts to drive the Kurds out of Iraq". He called the Iraqi politicians to solve Iraqi problems, otherwise, "the Kurds may demand a public referendum to determine their stand". Salih confirmed Kurdish leadership's keenness to "build federal and democratic Iraq".


Maliki awards leave for the Kurds' ministers

Baghdad: Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki decided to give the ministers of the Kurdistan Alliance a leave (vacation) for not attending sessions of the Council of Ministers. The Kurdistan Alliance ministers boycotted cabinet meetings after the Parliament voted on the Federal budget in the absence of Representatives of Kurds.

Kurdistan's message to Baghdad is the last hope to reconsider its policies

Baghdad: MP, of the Kurdistan Alliance, Hamid Baffy said the Kurdistan's message delivered to the delegation of the National Alliance, which met with President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, is the last hope of the ruling group in Baghdad to reconsider its policies." He explained in a statement to the National Iraqi News "This letter is really the last chance from the leadership of Kurdistan to Baghdad's government to reconsider the policy followed by Baghdad, as we see that the Prime Minister goes beyond the constitution and the powers of local governments and the provinces as well as the political agreements that the current government had been built according to them, the most important agreement is Erbil's." He added: "What is needed today from the ruling group is to find true national partnership and adoption the principle of balance in this country as a multi-ethnic, religious and sects, and can be run by one party or one sect,"

Shia-Kurds Deal on Brink

Erbil: The ten-year Shia-Kurdish alliance characterized Iraq’s post Saddam Hussein political process might come to an end, a Kurdish official acknowledged. Fuad Hussein, the head of Kurdistan presidency office told “al-Sharq al-Awsat”, an Arab-pan newspaper that they gave two options to the Shia alliance during a meeting with them, “separation or partnership,” he said. Kurds look forward long-term partnership and the National alliance –includes majority of the Shia blocs- agreed, according to Hussein. We emphasized that our choice now is (implementing) coexistence and partnership with our rights guaranteed, “ he went on saying. “We are waiting their final response which will decide our next steps”. It is worth mentioning that Kurdish lawmakers and ministers boycotted the meetings of the parliament and cabinet last month in protest to the ratification of 2013’s budget which did not took into consideration Kurds’ demands, as they said.

Allawi: Situation in Iraq is going through dangerous period that requires implementing Erbil Agreement

Baghdad: Leader of Iraqiya slate, Iyad Allawi, said that the situation in Iraq is going through dangerous period that requires implementing the Erbil Agreement. In his speech announcing the slate of United Iraqiya National Alliance, Allawi said that the campaigns of intimidation and exclusion are continuing in Iraq, since many Iraqi political forces (he did not name) are subjected to insemination and exclusion and been denied to express their opinion in many forums. Allawi added that it is clear evidence that who runs Iraq is running it in an insufficient way.

The World Bank stands ready to develop tourism sector in Iraq's Kurdistan Region

Washington: The World Bank has expressed its readiness to develop tourism sector in Kurdistan Region, according to General Board of Tourism of Kurdistan. Nader Rusti, Spokesman of General Board of Tourism of Kurdistan, said that a delegate from The World Bank visited Kurdistan aiming at improving the private sector, adding that the delegate met with General Board of Tourism and were eager to help the Tourism sector in Kurdistan Region. He said that “the visit was aimed to discuss the mechanism and the type of cooperation between World Bank and Kurdistan Region Government for developing the tourism sector. They have decided to open a tourism project in Kurdistan Region in the near future.” Kurdistan Region has enjoyed considerable developments in regards with tourism. Each year, the number of tourists coming to Kurdistan increases dramatically. KRG plans to improve tourism sector more and boost number of tourists.

Absence of Kurds and Iraqiya's cause an imbalance in the parliamentary and government performance

Baghdad: Iraqi MP, of the (Citizen) parliamentary bloc, Abdul Hussein Abtan said that "the absence of the Kurdistan Alliance and the Iraqiya coalition MPs is unfortunate and caused an imbalance in the parliamentary and government performance." He explained, in a press statement today 7, April that "the absence of this diversity in the parliament is causing a problem in legislation laws and even affect the performance of the government," noting that "the absence of the Kurdistan Alliance is not true and this is why the National Alliance sent a delegation to the region to discuss its return." The Kurdistan Alliance is still boycotting parliament and Cabinet sessions despite the visit of the National Alliance delegation to Erbil that discussed the reasons for the boycott and discussed ways to solve the problems and differences and the possibility of the return of the members of the Kurdistan Alliance to parliament and the government.

More job seekers in Iraqi Kurdistan finding work online

Slêmanî: The Internet has been a boon to job seekers in Iraq’s autonomous Kurdistan Region, where the economy is booming and people looking for work are applying online -- even from overseas -- employment agencies say. “I found a job advertisement on a website, emailed my CV, and got the job. The online process works great, and it is helping many people find new jobs,” said Jafar, a young resident in the Kurdish city of Slêmanî. “Two years ago we struggled to post two or three jobs on our website. Now, we post 10 to 15 a day,” said Hadi Amin, manager of the Aweza Company, an online employment agency. “We advertise up to 300 jobs monthly,” he added, underscoring the growing use of the Internet among both employers and job seekers. Amin said there was still room for tremendous growth, because so far less than 10 percent of the 2,000 companies in the Kurdistan Region advertise jobs through his agency website. The number of foreign and local companies operating in the Kurdistan Region is continuously growing, creating more jobs, Amin said. In the 15 months it was established, Aweza has placed 5,250 people in new jobs, Amin said, adding that the service was free to job seekers. He added that applications even arrive from overseas, from as far away as India or Pakistan. Kurdistan Region officials note that before the enclave gained autonomy in 2003, many Kurds struggling for survival looked for work overseas, often as illegal workers. Now, they pleasantly watch the growing seeds of a reverse trend, as the buoyant economy and relative peace of the enclave lure foreign workers. Nearly 10,000 foreigners are employed in Iraqi Kurdistan, according to official figures, which place the number of jobless Kurds at 65,000.

The meeting of (Political offices) of Talabani and Barzani parties starts in Slêmanî

Slêmanî: The joint meeting between members of the political offices of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Democratic Party began today Sunday 7 April at the headquarters of the political bureau of the Patriotic Union in Sulaimaniyah (Slêmanî). It is scheduled that the two sides are to visit, after the meeting, the headquarters of the (change) movement to meet with Nawshirwan Mustafa, leader of the movement. Azad Jundiyani, spokesman for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) said yesterday that the Supreme Joint Committee of the parties (PUK and KDP) will meet before noon today, adding that the two sides would discuss the important things and also to visit the headquarters of the (change) movement and meet with its leader.

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