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 Pan-Kurdish National Conference in Iraqi Kurdistan postponed until November

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Pan-Kurdish National Conference in Iraqi Kurdistan postponed until November  4.9.2013


The preparatory committee of the Kurdish National Conference, (from left to right) Kamal Kirkuki , Ronahi Serhat and Saadi Pera. Photo: ANF
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Kurdish National Conference postponed for a second time

September 4
, 2013

ERBIL-Hewlęr, Kurdistan region 'Iraq',— Preparatory Committee for the Kurdish National Convention announced that the Convention is been postponed until November 25th, National Iraqi News agency reported.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Sep. 3, the Committee said that the date of Sep. 15, set for the Convention coincide with campaigning for the election of Kurdistan Region's Parliament.

It added that because of this, the Kurdish National Convention has been postponed until November 25, 2013 after the end of the Kurdistan's Parliamentary elections.

The Kurdish National Conference, aimed at gathering all Kurdish political groups and setting a roadmap for the Middle East’s 30 million Kurds and which was originally set to take place on August 24th, in Erbil, has been postponed for the first time to September.

600 people representing Kurds from the four parts of Kurdistan ( Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran) would attend the conference.


Estimated to over 40 million Kurds live in Big Kurdistan (Southern Kurdistan-Iraq, Northern Kurdistan-Turkey and Armenia, Western Kurdistan-Syria, Eastern Kurdistan-Iran), which covers an area as big as France.

The Kurds are considered the largest nation in the world that do not have a state and were deprived their nation rights and subjected to persecution over the past decades when Western lands agreement divided among the four countries, namely Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Syria.

Four countries tried to undermine the identity of Kurdish nationalism, but they resisted these repressive policies and hundreds of thousands of them were killed in the revolutions fought against the ruling regimes.

The four countries are looking forward for the Kurdish National Conference, which is the first of its kind and the outcome of the results.
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  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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