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 KDP promises, Change waits, PUK respects and Islamists appeals preliminary results of Iraqi Kurdistan elections

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KDP promises, Change waits, PUK respects and Islamists appeals preliminary results...  29.9.2013   


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September 29, 2013

SLÊMANÎ/ERBIL, Kurdistan region 'Iraq',— Reactions of political parties and blocs that participated in the elections of Kurdistan Parliament, which took place in 21 of current September varied on Sunday, as the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) announced 95% of the initial results, while some of them welcomed the results considering it as a victory and others respected the decision and the will of the voters.

KDP which had the lion's share of the votes, confirmed in a statement that “the elections showed the bright side of Kurdistan experience for all the world, offering many promises, including work to increase and enhance the services, provide development opportunities and greater prosperity and expand freedom and participation in the political decision as well as working to implement all what came in the electoral program.

It also called to form a coalition government with a broad base working on a national program for more advanced and free Kurdistan.

PUK which was considered as the biggest loser in this round declared that it respects the decision and the will of the people and it is willing to engage in dialogue on how to form a government together with all political parties.


As the spokesman’s statement of the political bureau, Azad Jundiyani said “ indicates that “ with its concern and complaints from the electoral process, but it respects the decision and the democratic will of Kurdistan people”.

He noted that the political situation in Kurdistan has reached a stage of dialogue and negotiations among the various political forces to determine the duties and tasks of the next phase of the political process and Kurdistan government’s performance.

He announced that PUK responded with programs and progress made ​​by all the parties and other Kurdish parties to engage in dialogue and negotiations.

While Change movement which removed PUK for the lead in its stronghold in Sulaimaniyah province and occupied the second position for the Region, expressed through the coordinator of the election, its belief that it was too early to accept the election results, pointing out that some of its votes have disappeared.

Aram Sheikh Mohammed said in a statement that the movement will continue to follow-up and restore all of those votes, stressing that “it has time to compare the election results obtained by observers with those announced by IHEC with final results to be announced later.

For its part, the Kurdish Islamist group expressed its concern from the election results as its spiritual guide announced filing legal complaints.

The spiritual guide of the movement, Irfan Ali Abdul Aziz said in a press conference shortly after the preliminary results that his movement is concerned about these results because they do not match with those obtained through their representatives and observers in the elections.

He expressed his belief that the results have been changed, adding that he did not know for whose interest this process has been done.

Abdul Aziz noted that he took all legal measures to follow up the votes that his movement had obtained in the elections, stressing that the Shura of the movement will decide what is appropriate and will have a position on the results.

As the largest Kurdish Islamist parties which is Kurdistan Islamic Union, which won the fourth place in this the legislative round has also expressed its concern of the total obtained votes, stressing that it will follow up the matter seriously.

The Islamic Union said in a statement reported for “Shafaq News”, that “it has assured its supporters that the number of seat the union will get will not be less than 10 seats.

It is worth mentioning that IHEC announced yesterday evening at a press conference, the preliminary results for 95 % of the votes in Kurdistan Parliament’s elections held on 21 of this month and confirmed that KDP was ranked first by winning more than 719 thousand votes in the three provinces of Erbil, Sulaimaniyah and Duhok, while Change movement (Gorran) got the second place .

Change got 446 thousand votes beating by that, the first rival Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, led by the country’s president, Jalal Talabani that won the third place at about 330 thousand votes and came after Kurdistan Islamic Union by 178 thousand votes.

The Islamic Group in Kurdistan got 113 thousand votes while 20 thousand voters gave their votes to the Islamic movement and Socialist Party of Kurdistan and Kurdistan Communist party got 11 thousand votes each.

The “Third trend “(Al-Etejah al-Taleth) got 8000 votes, according to the results announced by Mekdad Sharifi, head of the administration department of IHEC.

5000 and 599 voters voted in favor of the Assyrian Chaldean Syriac list while got Christian Mesopotamia list got 5000 and 963 votes.

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