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 Iranian Kurdistan News in brief

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Iranian Kurdistan News in brief  6.1.2014 


January 6, 2014

Mariwan - Mehabad - Sanandaj (Sne) - Baneh - Saqiz - Paweh- Kermanshah -
Urmiye (Orumiye), Nowsud, Sardasht, Bokan, [Eastern Kurdistan, Iranian Kurdistan]

Iranian security forces killed a Kurdish man and dragged his body behind a car

Iranian security forces dragged the body of a 26-year-old Kurdish man behind a car for two kilometers after that the security forces had killed him. On Saturday, January 4, Iranian security forces shot and killed a 26-year-old Kurdish man by the name of Saman Khzri in the town of Sardasht. Khzriís body was stripped naked and dragged behind a car for two kilometers, witnesses told Kurdpa. ďThe security forces dumped the naked body of this 26-year-old youth in a place called Khre Shiwe KodoĒ, a witness said. Saman Khzri had just gotten married a couple of months ago. |

In Iran, violence against women highest among Kurds

About 88 percent of women in Iranís Kurdistan Province reportedly experience some form of abuse, among the highest in the country. According to the BBCís Persian service, 66.3 percent of Iranian women experience violence in their lives, but Kurdistan Province and the city of Ahvaz are reported to be the two most violent cities for females. The United Nations defines violence against women as "any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or mental harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts, coercion, or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or in private life." Despite the huge numbers of women living with abuse in Kurdistan Province, abusive men enjoy impunity under the patriarchal laws of Iranís Islamic Republic. According to the Kurdpa news agency, in the Fall of 2013, 33 Kurdish women were reported to have experienced violence. Fifteen women committed suicide, eight were imprisoned (three of them activists) and seven were executed by the Iranian government.  Activists say that Kurdish men and women need to receive education about the definition of violence and its effects on women, children and society. They complain that the Iranian government does not seem to have any intention of raising awareness in this regard and only Kurds themselves can make a

Kurdish man injured in landmine explosion in Ilam

Ilam: A 55-year-old Kurdish man lost one of his legs in a landmine explosion in village of Qalawezane, located in the Ilam province, Kurdpa reported. Hussein Daweri, a 55-year-old Kurdish man, stepped on a landmine that was left from the Iran-Iraq war.  Residents of Ilam said that Iranian authorities has not cleared the region of thousands of landmines left from the Iran-Iraq war despite numerous promises to do so. According to a report published last week by the local authorities in the Kurdish town of Qasre Shirin 13 individuals have died and another 78 have been injured in 105 landmine explosions during the past 22 months in and around the town. Residents of the Qasre Shirin believe that the real numbers of landmine victims are much higher but the local authorities are hiding the real numbers on orders of the government. Every year hundreds of Kurds fall victim to landmine explosions in Iranian Kurdistan.

Kurdish human rights activist arrested in the University of Orumiye

Urmia: A Kurdish Woman who is a known human rights activist was arrested by Iranís intelligence agency in the Urmia Islamic Azad University, Kurdpa reported. Shermin Qadri, who is 29-years-old and originally from the city of Mahabad, was arrested by Iranian intelligence agents after that she had written several letters to the education board of the Western Azerbaijan province complaining that students were being illegally forced to pay money to continue their studies.  Qadri, who studied Management at the university, was taken to an unknown prison after that she was arrested on January 1.  Shermin, who is the daughter of Mehiedin Qaderi, is a known human rights activist who has worked with human rights organizations. During the past year Kurdish student activists have been put under increasing pressure by Iranís intelligence agency and Shermin is the second Kurdish female student that has been arrested during the past couple months. Another Kurdish student by the name of Afsane Bayzidi was arrested at the Peyam Noor University in Bokan two months ago. 176 Kurds have been arrested by Iranís intelligence agency during the past four months.


Iran attempts to lure Kurdish students to join the Basij

Shno: Iranian authorities are attempting to lure Kurdish students to join its paramilitary Basij forces by offering them financial loans with low interest rates, Kurdpa reported. The Qarargahi Basiji Sazendegi in the Kurdish town of Shno has announced that all students who join the Basiji forces will be offered financial loans with low interest rates. The source also said that the Basij forces are spreading information leaflets with the offer and visiting the different schools in Shno to lure the students to join the Basij. This action by the Basij forces has worried the parents of the Kurdish students in Shno. The Islamic Republic of Iran has during a period of more than 30-years purposely and systematically neglected Iranian Kurdistan, refusing to invest in the region, making it one of the most deprived and poor regions of Iran. Unemployment rates in Iranian Kurdistan are among the highest in the whole of Iran, forcing some young Kurds to join the paramilitary Basij force on promises of loans with low interest rates. A statement issued by Basij commander to students in the Kurdish city of Saghiz that reads; if you in the future want to be accepted at university, you have to fill in a form to become a member of the Basij. |

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