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 Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief

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Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief  9.1.2014 


January 9, 2014

Sulęmanî (Sulaimaniyah), Erbil-Hewlęr, Duhok, Kirkuk [Kerkűk], Kurdistan Region 'Iraq'

March against Paris murders denied permission in Erbil, Kurdistan

Erbil: The Governor of Erbil [Hewlęr], the capital of Iraq's autonomous Kurdistan Region, has denied permission for the march set to take place today to mark the first anniversary of the Paris Kurds killings of Sakine Cansız, Fidan Doğan and Leyla Şaylemez. Maxmur Refugee Camp's (Martyr Rustem Cudi Camp) İstar Women's Assembly has been denied permission to stage a march outside the French embassy building in Erbil on Thursday. The Women's Assembly said in a statement that they were denied permission by the governor of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP). The Assembly strongly condemned the attitude of the Federal Kurdistan Region which it criticized for not denying its people a demo, a legitimate right, and not adopting an attitude against the Paris murders. With the governor's decision, Erbil has become the only city denying permission for a demonstration against the brutal murder of three Kurdish women which has been been strongly condemned across the world. 


Strong Earthquake hits Shikhan city southeast of Duhok

Duhok: A source in the rough waters of the General Authority for air and seismic monitoring said on Thursday , that an earthquake struck southeast of Duhok. The source said "Sheikhan (48 km south- east of Duhok province) suffered from a strong earthquake felt by all the people there." The source who requested not to mention his name said that material damages took place caused by the tremor but without casualties. More than 20 aftershocks took place in Shikhan district in mid of last year, one of them was " strong " as it was felt by people in neighboring areas of the district in Kurdistan region.

About 13000 persons from Anbar arrived in Erbil, Kurdistan

Erbil: Director of Information and Public Relations in Erbil province, Hamzeh Hamed, announced that about 13000 persons from Anbar province have arrived in Erbil, because of fight in their area. The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) web site quoted Hamed saying on Wednesday, Jan. 8, saying that the displaced persons have settled, each according to his ability, while some jointed relatives living in Erbil, while others are living in hotels or rented apartments in various places, until things settle in their home province. He added that local authority is facilitating their temporary stay and providing them with necessary needs. Hamed went on saying that though no funds is been allocated for receiving them, but if their number increases, then measures with be adopted to facilitate their stay.

Washington might provide Iraq with “Apache " aircraft to fight al- Qaeda

New York: U.S. newspaper quoted a senator for the Democratic Party in the U.S. Congress , by saying that U.S. might allow Iraq to get Apache aircraft to fight al -Qaeda militants. “It might be allowed to transfer of Apache helicopters AH-64 to Iraq while the Iraqi government is trying to confront militant groups west of the country,” The Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez said to New York Times newspaper , in a statement. Menendez , chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee has stopped all sell deals or lending aircraft to Iraq since months , fearing that the Iraqi government might use it in targeting civilians. Iraqi forces are working along with thousands of people from the tribes of Anbar province, in a military confrontations against armed groups linked to al -Qaeda since about 3 weeks , in the cities and deserts of

KDP Expects to Win 26 Seats in Iraqi Parliament

Erbil: Four hundred members of the Kurdistan Democratic Party have applied to run in the Iraqi parliament elections in April, but only 30 names have made it to the desk of the KDP’s political bureau. “A large number of people have forwarded their CVs. We only chose 30 applicants and sent the names to the political bureau for the final selection,” said Kakamin Najar, a member of the bureau. “The political bureau can change, replace, remove and/or add names. They can add members of the KDP’s leadership council, but the list cannot exceed 30 names,” he told Rudaw. January 9 is the deadline for candidates to register for the parliamentary elections in late April. KDP officials do not believe they will win 30 seats. “We are expecting 25 to 27 seats in the coming elections.” a senior official in the KDP’s elections office said. According to the Iraqi Elections Law all three Kurdish provinces -- Erbil, Sulaimani and Dohuk - will have 54 representatives in the parliament. Erbil will have 15, Sulaimani 18 and Duhok 11.  The Election Commission has authorized the political parties to nominate two candidates for each

British company: We sold 33 thousand tons of Kurdistan’s crude oil

Gulf Keystone Petroleum company listed on the London Stock Exchange revealed on Thursday, that it has began exporting crude oil from Sheikhan field in Kurdistan Region. “The company began exporting crude oil from Sheikhan field in Iraqi Kurdistan," indicating that “ it had sold a shipment of between 30 and 33 thousand tons of crude oil since last December and was transferred to Turkey by trucks,” The company said in a statement. The Ministry of natural resources and wealth in Kurdistan region said earlier that Gulf Keystone Petroleum will produce 40 thousand barrels of oil a day after the ministry acknowledged the company's plan to develop Shikhan field which has been discovered as one of the most important assets of Keystone in 2009, the company aims to produce 150 thousand barrels a day of it in the next three years and 250 thousand barrels per day at the beginning of 2018. Specialists note that thos field production will enable the region to export one million barrels per day by the end of 2015 and two million barrels a day by the end of this decade ; Gulf Keystone manages Shikhan

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