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 U.S. and oil of Kurdistan

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U.S. and oil of Kurdistan  14.1.2014 
Mohamed Sharif Sindi Special to 


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January 14, 2014

It is said that the United States of America fight to control every resource of energy in the world. At the same time U.S will never give space to other countries to control these regions, which have sufficient energy and oil resources. In the theory of realism, having resources means having power. The one who holds the control over energy resources is also the one who controls the world. This is one of the foundation stones in the policies which its actual meaning could be seen in the outcomes of the Second World War and the Cold War. If this claim is correct, the question is then why the U.S. government hasn’t taken a stronger step on its relation to Kurds to try to control the oil of Kurdistan?

The ambition of Kurdistan Regional Government, KRG, is to have a good relation to every nations including U.S. The goals of KRG’s are to have a risk avoidance policy in a very sensitive and unstable region. The existing conflict between Sunni and Shiites in the Iraq and the region does not make the choices for a stable policy easier. The two neighboring countries Syria and Iran exist in critical situation, Syria with disastrous civil war and Iran with harsh economical and political crisis from time to time. We also have initial and volatile stages of a very sensitive peace process of the Kurdish issue in Turkey. This situation is unique in the region and this will influence regimes and peoples in the Middle East.

This unique and unstable situation in Middle East has so far resulted in losses of human lives and vast economical setbacks. But at the same time it was a great opportunity for Kurds to prove that they can govern themselves, and create a peaceful relation to all their neighboring countries. When it comes to domestic policy the KRG has been able to successfully keep the security in the Kurdish province.

They also have proved that they can improve and build the infrastructure of the Kurdish province and develop a relatively good welfare compared to other parts of Iraq. What’s important is that KRG are able to balance its relationship to Sunni and Shia at the same time without taking part in the conflict.

The parliament of Kurdistan has adapted a very attractive law to draw large companies to invest in the oil sector. It appears that the Kurds learned from history that there are no friendships in the politics without mutual-economics interest. This is the reason why KRG are struggling to convince large oil companies and especially American companies to invest in Kurdistan. KRG has successfully attracted large oil companies including American companies, such as ExxonMobil, to invest in the oil sector in Kurdistan. If there was an exam for nations to pass in order to get its independence, Kurdistan surely would pass it, based on the above mentioned facts. The only question is why U.S. administration still doesn’t have the courage to declare a clear foreign policy toward a free Kurdistan.

Ambiguity in U.S foreign policy toward Kurdistan has negatively affected KRG on many issues including the policy of oil. This hesitation in the U.S policy has given Baghdad a chance to slow down the progress of the KRG’s plan to build the country faster and to develop the oil sector in Kurdistan. There is no doubt that there are oil resources in other parts of Iraq as well, and the U.S is acting on the basis of its interests, but U.S must balance its relation between Erbil and Baghdad. It’s time for Obama administration and even the next U.S administration to correct their historical injustice and mistakes against Kurds. Supporting independence of Kurdish economy and to recognize independence of the Kurdish nation in the Middle East would be a good start for U.S. to redeem itself.

Mohamed Sharif Sindi, Master in political science.

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The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


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