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 The Sharezoor Kurdish-English dictionary
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THE SHAREZOOR : Kurdish-English dictionary
The Sharezoor Kurdish-English Dictionary, by Dr. Shafiq Qazzaz, represents a significant contribution to the preservation and evolution of the Kurdish language as well as a vital resource for:

Kurdish people everywhere
Middle East Studies programs at institutes and universities
Government agencies and NGOs that work with the Kurds
Linguists and other scholars of Middle Eastern languages

Printed in 2000 by Aras Press and Publishers in Erbil, Kurdistan, this 600+ page volume presents over 10,000 Kurdish main entry words.

The dictionary is available for purchase at and can be shipped anywhere in the world. The cost is US$49.95 plus shipping and handling costs, payable by Amazon Payments (including credit cards), check or money order.
قاموس  كوردي-انجليزي

By Dr. Shafiq Qazzaz

BUY The Sharezoor Kurdish-English Dictionary by Dr. Shafiq Qazzaz, represents a significant




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