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 Three Books- series from Steve Tataii’s about Kurds and Kurdistan

 Congressman Steve Tataii


Three Books- series from Steve Tataii’s about Kurds and Kurdistan
Author Steve Tataii’s


3 BOOKS published by local author "Steve Tataii", which includes a special chapter on Hawaii in BOOK 1

To write three books during the past 4 years has been a heavy duty undertaking, and there was no other choice in the matter to do it any other way due to the enormous amount of documentary stories, news commentaries, and maintaining my independent prolific style at its best. what I had before me was not just any old non-fiction writing, and it was not free of heavy responsibilities and commitments in fact finding from most reliable news sources both on the war fronts, and through serious and documentary internet Kurdish TV broadcastings, Forums, and conferences to follow closely. So there was no time left for even a couple of hours of sitting back or "stopping to smell the roses" except when I had to rest and recover from painful neck-back-spine chronic pain condition I have lived with for over 12 years with not much improvement. Perhaps minus this pain syndrome; I would have finished the 3 books in 2-3 years instead of 4 years even though I have been identified one of the authorities on the subject not only here in Hawaii, but to a great extend among peers, and other fellow ethnic Kurdish scholars around the world, and even in "Kurdistan". To be in those shoes end up to do all the work on my own with the said Conflict Resolution skills. Well, I better stop the self-introduction part right here, because it can perhaps become a very thick biography on its own, and before making most of you bored to death, itching to know more by me, author himself about the 3 books, and as a friend put it "The topic".

Steve Tataii, U.S. Representative Candidate in the 2002 elections


Book 1- Iraq Wars : Iraq Wars: The consequences of 22 Independent Arab States, 3 Persian States, and 6 Turkic States, but not even one official Independent Kurdish State out of the 4 unjustly partitioned and invaded since the failed 1920’s Treaty of Serves! By Steve Tataii
The Book may be obtained through Amazon online shop
Book 2- Independent South Kurdistan : North of the Liberated Iraq after 15 years of Democratic Self-Rule. This war and all other wars in Southern and Northern Kurdistan have been caused by Turkey’s barbaric and senseless prevention of forming an Independent Kurdistan in 1920, keeping the 5-7 million Kurds in Southern Kurdistan and more tan 25 million Kurds in North Kurdistan... By Steve Tataii
The Book may be obtained through Amazon online shop
Book 3- Kirkuk Kurdistan: Kirkuk Kurdistan has been the heart of south Kurdistan from time immemorial. Kirkuk has been and must be recognized as a part of South Kurdistan to assure the safety and national security of the 5 million Kurds living there and other areas of its inseparable body of S.. Kurdistan homeland territory from time immemorial...By Steve Tataii
The Book may be obtained through Amazon online shop

"The Topic". O, ya "the topic". It was that short and sweet identification for what it just was neither short nor sweet. I had to break it down into 3 separate books by themselves, which I'll even share a secret with you. It was going to be 5 BOOKS, but finally decided what the heck; 3 books is as good as 5, if I'm to enter into this gigantic project, and go for the attempt at being short and precise. I made that decision, because I thought to myself (which I had to do so quite a lot before stepping into the 3 separate frameworks all on their own), that I have to write what I have to say in a much simpler, precise, and short fashion, but never part from the factual stories without leaving my readers satisfied, so that if they can't comprehend the points in any given story; at least give them some clue as to how to do a quick search on their own if  that particular point has slipped away from their memory out of the daily news documentaries, or even worse; never heard of it because many times my news sources have been from fresh and live coverage only seen through the Kurdish news Reporters' lens, and only argued in Kurdish (among other 5 languages I'm familiar with) through the Near East, and Europe's most southern tip if you will. Kurdistan as a whole is in two continents: North Kurdistan, and part of South Kurdistan are in Europe, but West, and East Kurdistan In North West of Asia better referred to as Near East. Any way I look at my writings at this stage, I believe 3 BOOKS written at the same is quite an accomplishment, especially that the "TOPIC" is current and most vital and urgent to all human rights activists and peace lovers, and not an interesting "Topic" for New York Times or "Los  Angeles Times", leaving out most of the facts, and never reporting what I, "the prolific writer-activist used to send them, and always being turned down by these corporate oriented publishers" that's why. On the other hand, what you'll read in my books are hard facts in the introduction, and secondly, many articles, which were published on time, when I approached the more honorable, and people oriented publishers, dealing with vital, urgent, and ongoing political events during the war.

"Independent South Kurdistan"
, which I call it BOOK 1 or the main BOOK in the series consists of 288 pages of which about 80 pages in the beginning are "Preface", and then it dives into a lengthy "Introduction", which consists of many heavy duty terminologies made simple for my global readers, and a combination of a short Contemporary Political Analysis of Kurds and Kurdistan since 1920s, as well as several extra fresh news about the recent clashes between Kurds and Eastern Kurdistan's newly found power usurper, and most importantly several photos from the injured Kurdish civilians, less gruesome and bloody than what I preferred to fit in the
books, simply because most of you have already seen the photos of war victims enough recently, and there was no point in being redundant on the pictures as such. In fact, it is most amazing I could even insert some 25-30 photos, many from my own personal collection taken in Kurdistan, since my worries remained to be "Am I going to be able and write everything vital and urgent necessary to make my points or will I have to go back to the old 5 books or plan "B"?

Fortunately, my extraordinary memoirs from this and all other pre-2003 wars came in handy, a safely packaged, carefully, and naturally compressed quantity I couldn't have been happier with.

Let me elaborate a bit more about the other two books or "IRAQ WARS" and "KIRKUK KURDISTAN".

Perhaps my third book or "IRAQ WARS" has given you the key factors in why we have 50 million Kurds today without their own Independence. I have briefly shown a statistic on the number of ARAB countries being 22 today, and the number of TURKIC countries, being 6 today, which prominently includes "Turkey" usurping the largest part of "KURDISTAN" out of the 4 partitioned, and home to 25,000,000 proud Kurds. It is worth mentioning; that TURKIC ethnic people not only have 6 independent UN member states, but several "Autonomous" states with rights just about as much as any one of their other independent states, yet Turkey is shamelessly and Tyrannically imposing the idea; that "North Kurdistan" Kurds don't even exist, and they're to be called "Mountain Turks", which is an insult; that has gone on for decades since 1920s. In fact Turkey has restarted its military attacks against innocent Kurdish civilians with distorted charges of having something to do with the recent clashes between the Turkey's Junta military, and PKK Kurdish fighters, since Turkey has not respected the ceasefire between the two, and has refused to grant PKK Kurds with General Amnesty recommended by many of our allies and others in the region, so that they can lay down their arms as they have agreed to, if a definite Amnesty treaty is ratified, and go back to their families living in the Cities, Towns, and Villages of North Kurdistan, ending the unwanted clashes with Turkish soldiers. This is one significant example of how blood thirsty Turkish military regime is as you'll read in all 3 books. The Kurds are even punished for speaking their own Kurdish language, dress their own Kurdish cloth, and Turkey has even harassed its ethnic Kurdish Congress members, and some 42 Kurdish Meyers, threatening them to be removed and punished from their jobs if they promote their culture and language.

Finally, there are a total of 3 independent Persian states, again prominently recognized by their more powerful state or Iran. Today, Iran has also refused to grant autonomy to its more than 15 million strong Kurds, and has managed to provoke new clashes with the Kurds there, killing dozens or perhaps hundreds, which include many cold blooded murders in form of executing innocent Kurdish men, often teenagers, which even used to include boys as young as 11 years old back in the 1980s, but now targeting Kurds indiscriminately across Eastern Kurdistan, killing many innocent civilians. All this began under Mr. Ahmadinejad's Watch, when his more moderate Shia Iran's president Khatami lost his bid for reelection. All these horrible human rights violations are continuing while we read this news article, and especially while Iran has managed to divert the attention to its Nuclear energy program with what has often been referred to as "IAEA".

While President Bush and Secretary Rice have both been patient in our administration; it seems that once again Kurds in Eastern Kurdistan have remained to be kept in the back burner. Not to flip flop from one "Kurdistan" to another, but the same situation exists regarding Turkey. In fact in Turkey the situation is getting more critical, while many Kurds labeled as PKK supporters are being arrested, imprisoned, tortured, and even killed, with their family having no chance or a hard time to even collect their bodies for burial. With Turkey, vying to get EU membership; it is not clear how this human catastrophe against Kurds will end. One thing is clear. Turkey shall never become an EU member as long as it has not given full autonomy to its more than 25,000,000 Kurds. The Kurds in the meantime shall never stop fighting for their basic human rights to freedom, attainable only through a full-scale autonomy. The 3 books also briefly discuss Syria's Kurds' suppression, and throughout all three books are the current event articles regarding Syria, Turkey, Iraq, and Iran. On the final analysis, There no longer exist an "Iraqi Kurdistan". The name has changed. The new born nation is called "Independent South Kurdistan", and as you enter into South Kurdistan from any direction; a sign has been posted on all border entry points saying: "WELCOME TO KURDISTAN".

At the end of the BOOK 1 there is a section; which informs you of the main cultural, media, art, and some other aspects and sectors of Kurdish nation. There, you'll find the mention of Kurdish TV stations, which even broadcast the news in English twice daily, and also allow other minorities announce the news in their native tongues. Kurdistan has been known as the cradle of civilization with a discovered history of 12,000 years advanced and 20,000 years pre-advanced civilizations through the study of anthropologist. Their Democratic way of life is the oldest of all other cultures, and they have always respected and protected other minorities visiting and residing within their boundaries. Kurdistan extends from above the city and county of "AMED" or "Diyarbakir", through dozens of other major cities in North Kurdistan, and enters into South Kurdistan's most Northern cities called Zakho and Dohouk, which then goes through one of the oldest and most Kurdish city of Kirkuk Kurdistan (the topic of my second book), and Irbil or the present capitol of South Kurdistan, and finally, without mentioning dozens of other major cities; it reaches the East Kurdistan city of Bana, Saqqiz, Mahabad, Urmia, Sina, and Kermashan just to name a few major Kurdish cities in East Kurdistan.

As a suggestion, it is best that you start reading the first book with 288 pages "Independent South Kurdistan", which includes a special chapter about Hawaii on issues many of you may not know, and then read "IRAQ WARS" or book 2, which will give you a good command of the key elements of Kurdish people's 85 years long war for Liberation, its native Kurdish people, the new comer non-Kurd settlers since 1400s, with the permission of the past Kurdish Kings, Sultans, and Chiefs, who always kept the sovereignty and Territorial Integrity of Kurdistan well protected, and governed with fairness and Justice throughout the vast Kurdistan major, consisting of 600,000 Square Kilometers or as big as France. Today, South Kurdistan has a President, a Prime Minister, Ministers, and a well attended parliament, as well as their national military known as Peshmarga Forces. There are at least three International Airports, three major Universities, and all the social institutions, which makes up an Independent country as a secure, stable, strong, and most of all "Self-Sufficient" nation. Thank you for your support and interest about my 3 newly published books, and I'm sure it's well worth owning all 3 of them. Please pass the word around, and if you like to set up a book introduction session or Forum on their subjects, please call me to arrange a date for the events.
Thanks again. Finally, here are the links to BOOK stores .

3 BOOKS published by local author "Steve Tataii",  which includes a special chapter on Hawaii in BOOK 1

BOOK 1: 1- Independent South Kurdistan, after 15 years of Democratic Self-Rule

BOOK 2: 2- IRAQ WARS, the consequences of 22 Arab states, 6 Turkic States, 3 Persian States, but not even one Official Independent Kurdistan out of  the 4 unjustly partitioned Kurdistans since the failed 1920 League of Nations' Treaty of Sevres.

BOOK 3: 3- KIRKUK KURDISTAN, has been the heart of South Kurdistan from time immemorial.

All 3 books may be obtained through Amazon online shop

My own website gives you more info on the books, the author, and free previews at: 

About the Author

Steve Tataii is a prolific writer, who has been writing about the Liberation of Kurds since 1976, and his most intense writing began right before the start of the Iraq Liberation war on August 2002, when he was interviewed by Kurdish Media about his stance on Kurdish freedom and Independence particularly in South Kurdistan [North of the Liberated Iraq], and while campaigning for a seat in U.S. Congress as a grassroots candidate. This interview was published in BOOK ONE. He has two degrees from the University of Hawaii in Mathematics and Political Science. He speaks six languages, four of which are from the region, and has gifted Conflict Resolution skills on macro and micro levels. He has done extensive educational work as a lecturer on recent Kurdish political history. He has been writing his own speeches and articles both in Hawaii, a few other states, and also on his visit to Europe in 1989. The news of the “GAP” DAM project by Turkey, discovered from that 1989 trip, was most vital to the survival of the Kurds in their valleys with thousands of Kurdish villages. On his return home in Hawaii, he authored two of many resolutions, which called to put a moratorium on Turkey’s attempt to build more than 20 DAMS in North Kurdistan, South East of Turkey, at the “WILD” conference of the indigenous peoples held at the University of Hawaii. The DAMS would have uprooted more than 5 thousands villages with over 6 million Kurds inhabiting them for thousands of years, and would have destroyed thousands of native endangered species found no where else. A Kurd from both Kurdish parents himself, he has firmly believed; that the best solution to Kurdish people’s stateless dilemma, aside an already Independent South Kurdistan, for the other three parts, will be through peaceful political negotiations and political solutions.

Steve Tataii, P O BOX 11042, Honolulu, Hawaii 96828, Telephone: 808 845 5716 or 808 352 0849, 

Q & A with author Steve Tataii 22.7.2006




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