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 Missing Kurds Worldwide
  Missing Kurds worldwide. 
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(Ali Abdujabar Muhammad Ali) since May, 1991 we have no information about his whereabouts.

Ali Abdujabar Muhammad Ali - A Kurd from Kirkuk was born in 1957.
Mother's name: Najiba Arif Muhammad
His family is living in Hewler, Kurdistan

He came to Canada in 1983, he lived in Toronto, Ontario after he moved to Vancouver, BC,

Ali was a construction worker, he was working with an Italian company.
In May 1991 he went to Zako, Kurdistan-Iraq. After that we have no any information about him

If you however, have any knowledge of his current whereabouts, please contact:

Abdulkader Ali Merdan - in Hewler, Kurdistan
Telephone Number: 2292214

Rawand - in Vancouver, BC, Canada
Telephone Number: (604) 879-1077

Yasseen - in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Telephone Number: (905)318-6909

علي عبدالجبار محمد علي
Ali Abdujabar Muhammad Ali



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