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Sertip Zangana [email protected]
Sertip Zangana is a 16 years old American born Iraqi Kurd from the City of Kirkuk, currently he lives with his family in London - England. Student at Wallington County Grammar School in Great Britain. 

 Barzani - 1.September.2001
 In this poem, I have tried to express my pride of Mala Mustafa Barzani, and my appreciation of his lifelong struggle for Kurdish freedom. 

You are the root of our soil,
The rain of our flowers,
The sunshine of our hope.

You are the window of our dreams,
The spirit in our soles, 
The warrior of our path.

You are the breath of our lungs,
The blood of our veins, 
The sweat of our pain.

You are the wings of our freedom, 
The fire of Nawroz,
The ICON of Kurdistan. 

You are Barzani.

Sertip Hamid Zangana

 My Song - 21.June.2000

I have been in your shadows for too long. So,
Please unlock my heart Iraq.
Please untie my roots Iran.
Please unlock my spirit Syria.
Please untie my throat Turkey. 

I have sung loudly for too long. But,
You have not listened to me America.
You have not listened to me Britain. 
You have not listened to me the rest of you Europeans.
You have not listened to me World. 

I am many but one. 
And even without your help World, I will Attack, soon.
I will slowly put myself back together.

My illuminating Name will rise above your ever-weakening shadows, 
Iraq, Iran, Syria and turkey.
You will see My Name, America, Britain and the rest of you Europeans,

And you will see My Name shining within you, World 
And you will finally be filled.
Meanwhile, I am hidden from you and you are empty 
and you know it is wrong, world. 


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